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[1] lifetuning-cover.jpg [2] Life Tuning audio CD is Volume 5 of the School of Wisdom series. You can hear selected excerpts from this CD Online. It begins with a flute performance of the pentatonic scale over three consecutive octaves. This allows you to hear the new scale and gives you time to settle in before the music starts.

[3] primasounds-cover.jpg[4] PrimaSounds, is volume 6 of the School of Wisdom series. It has fifty minutes of original music, followed by ten minutes of the seven individual chakras tones. You can hear selected excerpts from this CD Online.

[5] gatekeeper-cover.jpg[6] GateKeeper (Volume 7 of the School of Wisdom series) is different from my first two CDs in that all of the pieces were composed to emphasize the vision-producing qualities of the music. You can hear selected excerpts from this CD Below. Although my other CDs can also have a vision enhancing effect, GateKeeper is the first one especially designed to emphasize the fourth stage of PrimaSounds listening - Visionary Experience. The other stages of listening - relaxation, energization and mystic unity - can still be evoked with this album, but it is the special ability and gift of this CD to help guide a listener to visionary experiences.

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