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GateKeeper (Volume 7 of the School of Wisdom series) is different from my first two CDs in that all of the pieces were composed to emphasize the vision-producing qualities of the music. You can hear selected excerpts from this CD Below. Although my other CDs can also have a vision enhancing effect, GateKeeper is the first one especially designed to emphasize the fourth stage of PrimaSounds listening - Visionary Experience. The other stages of listening - relaxation, energization and mystic unity - can still be evoked with this album, but it is the special ability and gift of this CD to help guide a listener to visionary experiences.

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Listen to a sample:

Please Note - these are just samples and do not begin to reproduce the quality and deep bass tones of the Cds. Still, if you listen in a quiet undisturbed space, they should be enough to give you a buzz!

Earth Being In The Universe

Please click this link to listen to this selection: Earth-Being-In-The-Universe.mp3
Below is the world of Earth, the fourth dimensional space/time level of humanity as a whole. Here you can link up with Gaia - the spirit of the Earth and of our species - and with all consciousness on this planet.
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