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The Ultimate Meaning of PrimaSounds

bubbles.jpgPrimaSounds provide an easy access for people to relax and have a direct experience of their energies. Many listeners go on to do energy work. They use PrimaSounds to strengthen and balance their energies. Some listeners even have strong visionary experiences with PrimaSounds. These usages have real benefits for many. They can help the body and soul to heal. But without the spiritual realization inherent in the Peak Experience, it will not be enough for a meaningful life.

The Peak Experience step alone brings with it the real spiritual significance of PrimaSounds. This alone shows the hidden connectedness underlying all things. Moreover, each of the other steps - relaxation, energization and visions - have deeper recesses which are not available without this spiritual knowledge.

I did not create PrimaSounds, and Arnold Keyserling did not invent the scale, so that people could relax or turn on their chakras. We are not driven to help people heal their bodies and souls. Of course, these are very worthy goals, it's just not "our thing." Our aim is primarily spiritual. We created PrimaSounds to make it possible for more people to travel the road of Wisdom. This means to engage in a personal process of evolution. This is the process we call Life Tuning, as described in Chapter 4. Life Tuning requires both the third and fourth steps of mystic union and the visions which follow. Only these unleash the full potential of the music and its listeners - you.

Beware, visions may come before the peak experience, but such visions alone will not work. The fourth stage needs to follow the third. Only in this way will the visions be clear and meaningful. Jumping over the third stage to the fourth - premature visions - may lead you astray. It may be easy, but it will only lead to little visions, to memories. Worse it can lead to out-right delusions. You can have more, much more.

The music is intended to give you more. It can create a personal and direct experience of the Infinite - God. The chords can provide a musical bridge to your fundamental vibration, your deepest, center tone. From this inner core of silence - pure Awareness - you can awaken to a new harmony with the Universe. PrimaSounds can then take you to the threshold of other worlds, the Shaman's gate. The visions will then be clear and helpful. This is our true gift. This is the ultimate meaning of PrimaSounds. Do not settle for the little visions. Press on until you attain your peak experience.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for most people to do this on their own. Conversely, self delusion and ego inflation are all too easy. But for real achievements, there is no substitute for personal instruction, training, guidance, and hard work. No matter how advanced we may be, or think we are, we all need the advice of people with greater experience. We need contact with the few elders on this planet who have true wisdom to share. We need the help of friends and a real community based on spirit, not money.

Here is where spirit based friendship groups and centers of learning are indispensable. This is one reason I have spent so much of my time and effort since 1992 working with Arnold Keyserling and the School of Wisdom. It is my belief that without instructional centers like the School of Wisdom, and Criterion, and elders such as Arnold and Willy Keyserling, the ultimate meaning of PrimaSounds will elude most listeners. Without such contact it is easy to succumb to the temptation of delusions of grandeur. Beware of this, for if you fall prey to such delusions, you will cheat yourself out of deeper experience and full creativity.

This is a pity, for the truly remarkable qualities of PrimaSounds can only be known in the peak and visionary stages. Only then can it serve as a true tool of Wisdom. In the context of the Wisdom Tradition, where this knowledge is personally transmitted from generation to generation, the music can become truly magical. It can then be used as a powerful tool to discover your deepest dreams, and learn how to make them come true.

Profound understanding is then possible. Ever stronger energies are released and absorbed, and you "find" - actually its more like "remember" - your "meaning in life." Then you can knowingly join in the dance of life and engage in the world flow of activity which fulfills your meaning. You share your gifts and commune with life on all levels of being. You continue always to learn, to change, and refine your actions. You discover the best ways to "walk your talk."

Problems and darkness are still a part of life, but you are confident of the solutions and the light. You gradually and naturally sink deeper into your being, your Tao. You flow around all obstacles like water. Your energies are tuned and intensified. Using PrimaSounds and ritual you speak with beings in all dimensions, all times and spaces. You learn how to help them, and to receive their help.

By applying your understanding of why you were born, you effortlessly and naturally enhance your energies. As you carry out your mission in life, the energy field that you are a part of - your energy egg - naturally intensifies. Through creative activity in tune with your depths, ever more profound understanding results. More and more information and help comes to you when needed. A positive feedback loop develops. Still stronger energies are released and absorbed as your actions become more in tune with your meaning, more in tune with the totality of space-time. You naturally become more loving and light. Your life becomes ever more creative, vibrant, meaningful and energetic. You become a part of history, an essential voice in the larger harmony of the planet.

Old age then comes as a joyful time of wisdom realization. The body fades, but you - your energies - your soul and spirit - remain strong. Your soul sings with harmony, intensity and color, at one with the Spirit of the times, at one with the Universe. You face your end on this planet, your "death," with knowledge and love, ready for the next step. Why else are we all here?

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