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The Esoteric Traditions

cross.jpgIn most religious and esoteric traditions the four basic conscious states are shown in the form of the cross:

Together with the three realms - Body, Soul, Spirit - we have the seven basic states to be integrated. The awakening and integration of the seven states into Awareness is traditionally referred to as the transformation of the energy layers into steps. The same process and symbolism is described in all esoteric religious and Shamanistic traditions as the seven steps of initiation. These seven steps are found with the same meaning, but with different terminology and iconography everywhere on Earth.

Each of the traditions brought a part of this knowledge, but completed it with ideas and myth where understanding was insufficient. Thus in Kundalini Yoga, an Indian tradition which specializes in the chakras, there is an explanation of the meaning of the chakras which comes from a phantasmagorical cosmology. But this did not harm the value of the exercises, and Kundalini Yoga adepts have repeatedly shown that the chakras can really be developed and harmonized.

The different traditions have chosen different forms, but in the last analysis they all say the same thing: the seven points of gravity should come into harmony (not unisonce). An example is the Hindu tradition of Raja Yoga which, like many others, takes the steps one after the other. In this tradition the way goes upwards from below. The sensual experience only seems to be conscious. In reality it must be activated with certain exercises. The second stage is conscious, but it acts together with the sixth one to create the danger of the false "I." This is transcended by observation.

Once the thoughts are clarified the feelings can be ordered by dream analysis, or by deepening the force of imagination, which in Sanskrit is called the "exhaustion of the vasanas". With these methods the door to deep sleep is opened. This is also the door which leads to transcendence, overcoming death, and the entrance to real consciousness. The inner silence is at the same time Bliss, Silence and Reality: Sat-Chit-Ananda. The fifth state also has its proper content which only now becomes free: the body with its genetic code demands a certain form of realization which will historically fit into natural evolution. You have to unite your own will with the will of God or Nature. The kernel of being will only become luminous if the foundations of the world and spiritual communion become conscious at the same time.

Once this step is realized, you then have to transform the soul's condition from static to dynamic. You look for and associate yourself with those people who have gone further than you on the path of integration. You must treat the realized people of each religion and tradition as the real leaders. ("Ajna" means center of obedience).

The last step is the mystical experience of unity with the cosmos. This Cosmic Consciousness can come as a vision, a dedication, an experience of plenitude, pure Awareness, Spirit, a union with the fundamental tone OM, a state of Samadhi or Satori, Enlightenment, communion with Nature, etc. There are many forms and names to an experience which is essentially formless, nameless - the source of all forms and names.

The way is full of dangers because the awakening of the lower chakras can create an identification with their contents. Instead of the finite "I" in a healthy relationship with the Higher self and others, there is losing oneself in:

    1. Sensuality (sensing)

    2. Curiosity (thinking)

    3. Power impulse (feeling)

    4. False leadership (willing) if contact with a sage living from the upper centers cannot be retained.

There is also a danger of aiming only to get out of reality, to become one with the original vibration, OM. But the Spirit is the beginning, not the end. The old traditions warn that after you have realized the highest stage you should then go back into the world and complete the Raja Yoga of will, the Karma Yoga of acting without looking for rewards, the Bhakti Yoga of loving devotion and the Jnana Yoga of mastering discursive thinking. In the Buddhist way of the Bodhisattva, you are required to renounce your own achievement of personal redemption until the last being has found their way to Nirvana.

The opposite sequential order where you start with seven - Spirit - is found in the Christian prayer of "Our Father". Here lies one surprising, yet very powerful application of PrimaSounds: Chakra-concentration combined with the Lord's Prayer. Whilst the Kundalini-Yoga-Path of spiritual development emphasizes the rising of the female power, the Kundalini, from the bottom of the spine chakra by chakra upwards to the top of the head, the Christian Path lays its accent on the male (Spirit) energy entering through the top of the head and working itself down towards the first chakra. The description of this process is hidden in the Lord's Prayer. To experience it, play the single chakra-tones at the end of the PrimaSounds and GateKeeper CD which descend from the seventh to the first chakra. As each tone plays concentrate on the chakra and the corresponding line of the Prayer:

SPIRIT 7...........Our Father who Art in Heaven. - Seventh Chakra.

SOUL 6.............Hallowed be Thy Name. - Sixth Chakra

BODY 5............Thy Kingdom come. - Fifth Chakra

WILLING 4.......Thy Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. - Fourth Chakra

FEELING 3.......Give us this day our daily bread. - Third Chakra

THINKING 2....and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us - Second Chakra

SENSING 1.......and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. - First Chakra

In this Christian path you attain the union of all seven components as an attitude where the fundamental point of gravity is in the middle stage of Willing (Thy will be done on Earth as on Heaven). The three upper energies are related to heaven, which means the spatial realms tied to the mind. The three lower energies are the temporal functions tied to the body. All are united by will whereby you overcome the opposition between spiritual ascension and life in the world.

It is not the particular wording of a prayer which creates the transformation - all verbal prayers necessarily take a definite historical form and are therefore limited - but the integration of the functions and the realms and the seven energies that go with them, and the destruction of the "I" as the final value (in the demand of "love your neighbor" or "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"). Only part of humanity experiences God as divine Father.

Other ways - like Scotus Eriugena's penetration into the dark will of the original force, the thundering silence of Bodhidharma, or the work on yourself of the Moslem Brotherhoods - all seem to lead to the same result. Thus effective methods and tools such as PrimaSounds, which allow the pure Awareness state to be experienced directly, may help bridge the cultural limitations and transcend the differences between the many religions and esoteric traditions of the world.

The development and transformation of energy was accomplished in the old traditions through many decades of repetition of mantra, rigorous breathing, and other equally laborious techniques. Now with PrimaSounds the continuity is not just created mentally, but with the help of computers and high fidelity sound technologies, it is also created energetically. In the old traditions the energetical and psychological components were either separated or came later. The addition of these components from the start makes the process easier to get going, and easier to maintain.

Even in the traditions which knew of Esoteric Music - because of the difficulties of tuning, the strict secrecy concerning the correct tones, the inability to record any performance, and other reasons - the apprentice in this discipline had to spend decades, or even a lifetime, just to find the fundamental tone. There was great difficulty in the initial stage of tuning into OM, the fundamental vibration of Spirit. Only after they had accomplished this could they play the music in tune, and so fully realize the energetical and dynamic effects of the music. For example, there is a Zen monastery in Japan which still maintains the tradition of Esoteric Music using flutes and martial arts. Their flute is their means to Enlightenment, and also their weapon of self defense. A monk may spend a lifetime in diligent practice with meditation and flute playing under the guidance of an elder master, all to find and play the true tones.

Now based upon brain wave and acoustic discoveries, this preliminary stage is given, the correct fundamental tones are already known. Thus the energy growth and harmonization process has been improved by technology and somewhat automated. The usefulness of Esoteric Music as a viable tool has thus been considerably strengthened.

Although this new technology makes the energy work easier and removes much of the initial drudgery, like the esoteric traditions of old, it still requires intense effort and concentration to reach the end results. You must still choose for yourself; neither PrimaSounds, nor any other technology, "secret process", Saint or Guru can do it for you. That would defeat the basic purpose of the Universe. Claims of instant enlightenment or energies are a fraud; that is not the way the Universe works. The reorganization and transformation of the seven energies involves a change in the very chemistry of the body. This necessarily requires significant time and personal effort. Although technology may quicken the initial stages of this process and improve it somewhat, the necessity remains for a sustained Herculean effort over years to complete the transformation.

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