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PrimaSounds as a Tool of the Wisdom Tradition


Some background on the Wisdom Tradition as I learned it from Arnold Keyserling is necessary to understand PrimaSounds. The Wisdom Tradition is unknown to most people because it has been underground for the last thousand years in the West. Still, a few traces of its proud history remain, such as in the Stonehenge monument shown above, or the bible story of the three "Wise Men" visiting Bethlehem. The ancient spiritual tradition has been veiled in secrecy for millennia to avoid persecution by the great world religions - Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.

Yet, the Wisdom Tradition predates all of these religions. It is as old as human time, beginning with the mutation from Paleolithic Man to Neolithic Man. Most scientists now believe that the human species began with this mutation around 12,000 years ago. Neolithic Man - humans - appear to be the first life form on Earth where knowledge and learning are the basis of survival. The jump from Paleolithic Man to Neolithic Man represents the dawning of a new level of consciousness on Earth. Now for the first time there is an animal with self consciousness - Awareness - and the recognition of death, and "after death." In mythology this is the fall from Eden, the beginning of knowledge. Soon after the mutation and new consciousness, the great questions of life struck us for the first time: Who are we? What is the meaning of life? What happens when we die? Where did we come from?

We have some idea of how we first responded to this challenge from the few remaining aboriginal and almost neolithic tribes, and from archaeological traces. When animal consciousness mutated, or better put, "self organized" to this higher level of evolution, and the first humans confronted these questions, it appears certain that a few, at least, were able to find answers that worked. They were able to find Wisdom, which means a state of being, a state of spiritual realization. The answers didn't come in words; they came in experiences. The earliest forms are what we now call Shamanic experiences - mystical experiences. The experiences were later recorded and described in words, dance, music, drumming, stories and other abstract symbols, such as paintings on the walls of caves. Early Man knew that the words, music, myths and paintings merely pointed to the experience, and were not in themselves the answer. The answer was the state of being, the state of Wisdom, where people were in communion with Heaven and Earth. These first wise women and men, the first Shamans, necessarily looked for ways to pass these successful answers on to the next generation; ways to lead others to a state of Wisdom, a state of letting go, becoming one with Nature and the Gods. They learned how to enter the spirit world, to speak with the ancestors, plants, animals, fire and stone. They realized the potential of what it means to be Human, to be able to talk to all levels of the Universe in their holy kind. They became wise.

The Wisdom Tradition was born with the realization that Wisdom could not be taught just by words; although words and other symbols were always important tools. Wisdom was taught essentially by inducing states of consciousness, by an initiation and apprenticeship process. It was fundamentally experiential and phenomenological. The Wisdom Tradition was concerned with handing down what the prior generations had learned about attaining Wisdom, about becoming truly human, and utilizing the enormous neo-cortex which the ape-man was given. In modern terms, it was concerned with how to actualize our full potential.

Although long suppressed in the West, this is a living tradition which continues today. The Wisdom Tradition lies outside of religion and science, but combines both. Although it has been largely "underground" in the West, it is now free to come out into the open. In the Twentieth Century it has begun to leave its esoteric roots, and is now open and accessible to anyone mature enough to answer the big questions of life for themselves. The Wisdom Tradition does not provide the answers for others. That is the job of religion, to fill the void of the immature. Instead the Wisdom Tradition provides experiences and language tools with which each person can create their own effective, personal answers, and thereby attain Wisdom. PrimaSounds is one tool among many which can assist in this process. For more information on the Wisdom tradition, and its knowledge, the interested reader is referred to the School of Wisdom webs.

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