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Life Tuning - How to use PrimaSounds to change your life

Life Tuning is the process of using PrimaSounds over an extended time as a tool of consciousness, a tool to awaken and grow, to enhance and improve the quality of life. The process follows the four stages of listening to the music which naturally occurs to most people who use PrimaSounds as a tool: Relaxation; Energization; Peak Experience; Visions. Each stage emphasizes one of the four basic functions of consciousness described in my other books. The Life Tuning program is inherently malleable and general. It can easily be incorporated into many other spiritual and psychological practices and disciplines. This chapter provides an overview of the Life Tuning process and the spirit behind it.

4stages.jpgFor those readers familiar with the language of the Wheel from our prior books, Chance and Choice, and Laws of Wisdom, the structure of the four stages of Life Tuning is: Body-Relaxation; Soul-Energization; Spirit-Peak Experience. The fourth stage of Visions combines all three in a kind of fourth dimension which unites the others.

Briefly, these terms - Body, Soul, Spirit - refer to the classic three-brained structure of human consciousness: Body refers not only to the human body, but to all of physical reality, to matter. Soul (frequently called "mind" in today's American culture, as in "body-mind-spirit") refers not only to the human Soul, but to all life, to energy. Spirit refers to human Spirit, and to the larger Spirit of the entire Universe - to quality or meaning. These three realms are in turn associated with the three brains in our head: the cerebellum and brain stem (Body); the lymbic system (Soul); and the neo-cortex (Spirit). That our head holds three distinct brains, not one, was discovered by an American brain scientist Paul MacLean. This discovery and the tripartite structure of consciousness is further explained in Laws of Wisdom. As shown in the diagram below of a brain cross-section, the neo-cortex brain is located at the top of the skull, the limbic system is in the middle, and the brain stem with cerebellum is on the bottom.

3brains.jpgEach of the three stages of PrimaSounds listening effect a different brain. The first stage of Relaxation requires tuning into the Body - the cerebellum and brain stem. This is the home of the autotomic nervous system. In the Energization stage the focus moves to the Soul - the limbic system. This is the center of pleasure and pain. The Peak Experience stage emphasizes the Spirit realm - the neo-cortex. This is center for all of our higher brain functions.

The Vision level tunes into the integrating Will. This is a holistic synthesis where all three brains work in harmony. The Will in turn unites the three lower consciousness functions - Sensing, Thinking and Feeling. The meaning of the four functions, shown below, is explained in detail in our prior books.

4conscious.jpgThe four functions are also familiar in somewhat modified form to all students of the great psychiatrist, Carl Jung. Sensing refers to perception and the data of the senses. Feeling refers to the impulses associated with the sense data; the dreams, drives, wishes and desires. Thinking refers to the relationships and patterns we make of the sense data. Willing, called intuition by Jung, refers to decision and action. One function of consciousness is emphasized in each stage of the Life Tuning process. The Relaxation stage emphasizes Feeling; Energization mainly uses Sensing; Peak Experience ties to Thinking (or no-thinking); and Vision to Willing.

The process of Life Tuning begins with learning how to relax and take your time. This is a matter of tuning into your body and its natural bio-rhythms. We have found that PrimaSounds produce a relaxation effect on almost everyone exposed to the music in the right circumstances. This initial relaxation effect does not require understanding, or even much effort. The tensions which build up as inner stress seem to be automatically reduced, at least somewhat, by the resonance of the bio-energies. The sound resonance amplification effects temporarily overpower the negative energies.

Since the PrimaSounds frequencies are attuned to the body's energy fields, exposure to them tends to push you into Body consciousness. The resonance facilitates the feeling of your body. This allows the body to heal itself, to rid itself of tensions and stresses. In addition, the relatively long duration of the individual notes, and the slow moving quality of the musical progressions, tend to take people out of their normal time frames. It helps attune them to their natural bio-rhythms.

Still, without understanding and effort, these relaxation effects are temporary. Understanding is critical to moving on to the next stages of Energization, Peak Experience and Vision. With understanding, much deeper levels of relaxation are possible. Deeper and deeper levels of the body can be awakened and known. Hidden areas of stress and tension can be found and healed. These deeper areas of stored tension are frequently the result of childhood traumas and other painful memories from the past. For that reason this process can sometimes be painful.

Psychology has shown that the bad feelings of the past must be fully felt and experienced before they can pass away. It is no use trying to run away from them. Professional psycho-therapeutical help at this stage is frequently very helpful. Once the painful feelings of the past, stored in the body as tensions, are felt, remembered and understood, we are cleansed of them. This is an exhilarating feeling of liberation which frees us to feel the moment. It is a kind of psycho-therapeutic liberation of the negative feelings and hangups of the past. Understanding is critical to these deep therapeutic levels of body relaxation. With understanding you involve your full spirit. It then becomes a holistic process involving all aspects of your being.

One key to understanding the relaxation process is to understand time. When you understand time, you can change your whole attitude and experience of time. This transformation helps you to tune into your body. It allows much deeper levels of relaxation. The body is the great healer, but only if we allow it, and don't interfere. A false understanding and attitude towards time creates a mental interference which blocks the natural healing properties of the body. It puts us out of sync with our body and bio-rhythms. This prevents us from truly feeling all parts of our body, deep relaxation and natural healing. So to correctly begin the Life Tuning process, allow healing and find full relaxation, we need to change our understanding and experience of time.

For this we must make a brief excursion into one of the most important discoveries of modern science, quantum physics to be exact, concerning the true nature of time. The quantum physicists put it this way: time does not exist by itself as an absolute, it only exists as an aspect of subjective space. I will try to explain what this means in everyday language. This is important because once we understand the significance of this seemingly arcane scientific discovery, our attitude towards time will change forever.

The science of the past - Newtonian physics - thought that space was empty and fixed and that time was separate from space. Time was supposed to be objective and linear. Space was straight and uniform. Matter traveled through empty space. Based on these assumptions, we viewed the Universe as a giant clock where every movement was deterministic and could be predicted. All was cause and effect flowing through a pre-determined time. This centuries old view is so deeply imbedded in our culture and early childhood training, that it has become our common sense experience of time. Although it is different in Eastern and native cultures, most people in the West today still think of time as an objective reality. But Einstein and others have proven that this is all wrong! Our common sense perceptions of time, space and causality are a delusion!

Modern science has proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt, but few have understood these scientific discoveries. Fewer still have had these insights sink in deep enough to transform their everyday experience of time and causality. But that is exactly what is needed to wake up and escape the prison of time -- the psychological illusion of "objective time." In my opinion this delusion is a significant, and as yet, largely unnoticed factor causing unnecessary stress and tension.

Under Einstein's Theory of Relativity all time is relative. In fact it makes no sense to speak of time alone. Space and time are one and matter and energy are interchangeable. The only thing that is real is time/space, and matter and energy are two sides of the same coin. We also know that space is not empty, and that time is not linear. In fact, space is curved and connected - so is time. Time does not flow forward as it seems to do. There is no objective time at all. Time is always subjective and space dependent.

All of the fundamental tenets of our common sense view of reality were proven wrong by Einstein and a host of other quantum physicists by the late 1920s. Although it is still commonly called Einstein's "Theory of Relativity," since the 1920s it has been far more than just a theory. It has been proven true in numerous experiments by scientists around the world. Any doubts in the public mind should have been resolved by the atomic bomb. Yet our errors in thinking and perception still continue. In centuries past people had the same trouble seeing that the Earth was round, and circled the Sun. Instead, the "common sense view" prevailed that the Earth was flat and the sun circled it. In the same way it may still seem to you like matter is real and predictable, and that time flows in a straight line from past to future, but it does not. Time is not a fixed absolute. Time is a part of space and space is a part of time. Both are malleable, curved and subjective. Time moves, but only with space. The movement of time is not like an arrow as previously believed. Its more like a spiral circle, with fractal recursiveness - self similar repetitiveness.

Because Space and Time are one, as a body's speed through space increases, its time slows down. Modern physics call this the "time-dilation" effect. The "stretching of time" was proven decades ago. In 1971 it was proven again by an easy to understand experiment using atomic clocks. They simply placed them on commercial airliners and flew them around the world. The time warp was small, but measurable. The clocks on the planes actually slowed down compared to the exact same clocks left on the ground. (See Paul Davies book About Time (Touchstone 1995) for more information about all this.) Still, we have trouble accepting it. It doesn't seem to make sense.

Einstein went on to discover that time stops completely at the speed of light. This means that at the speed at which all photons travel, there is no time at all! In other words, photons, which means light, is timeless! This has been accepted as scientific fact now for decades. Yet again, our common sense views of time, and our basic life attitudes based on these false beliefs, have not caught up with our scientific understanding. To quote Albert Einstein himself: "The distinction between past, present and future is only an illusion, even if a stubborn one." What kind of ill effects might our stubborn adherence to this illusion be causing?

Other scientists and experiments have gone even further than Einstein's Relativity. Studies of the sub-atomic world in quantum physics have proven that matter itself is actually composed of fields of energy. Sometimes these energy fields act like material particles, sometimes they act like pure waves. You never know which until you observe them and the results depend on the observer. Moreover, on the sub-atomic level there is only statistical predictability. The behavior of the smallest bits of matter/energy bundles can never be predicted. Causality is only seen in "groups" of events. The individual micro-particles - the smallest blocks of "matter" upon which all of material reality is built - are not subject to causality. In other words, when you look closely at causality, the chain of events breaks down completely. The smallest gears of this clock do not mesh at all. You see that the big clock is a fraud!

The Universe is not a wind-up clock which can always be predicted. It is a "throw of the dice," where we all play together to make up what happens as we go along. Only statistical probabilities of how the dice may land are possible. My view is that if we can understand the significance of these truths in our daily lives, they will set us free. At least, they can help free us from unnecessary stress caused by time-related delusions.

How would our perception of the world change if we really understood that time-space is cyclic, not linear? What if our common sense view of time was cyclical, not linear? What if we saw the cycles and patterns, not the illusion of linear flow of time? This seems to be the way most indigenous cultures of the world experience time and see the world. They never have the sense of not having enough time, or running out of time. Compared to modern western culture the pace of most indigenous cultures is very slow, in fact, timeless. For them it is not necessary to hurry up, it's only necessary to be in the right place and time. We need to learn from the indigenous cultures and understand that space and pattern are just as important as cyclic time. In fact, they are the same!

My experiences with PrimaSounds suggest that our failure to understand the true nature of space-time is a root cause of much stress and tension. It derives from our failure to place time in a proper perspective. It is a kind of "time sickness" caused by false perceptions and beliefs related to time. Physician Larry Dorsey, M.D. in his book Space, Time and Medicine (Shambhala 1985) reaches essentially the same conclusions. So too does the founder of the Omega Institute, Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D. in his book Timeshifting (Doubleday 1996). Our health today demands that we understand the insights of modern physics and apply them in our everyday life. We need to free ourselves from the slavery of the clock and wrist watch shackles! Better yet, if a watch is on one arm, a compass should be on the other!

I have noticed that most people today, myself included, live in a hurried world, where we are always "short" of time. As a consequence our "time" speeds up. We age too fast. We are not in tune with our bodies. We are out of step with our natural bio-rhythms. Our sense of time actually overpowers and dominates our sense of space. We are time sick, moving too fast, too far into the left brain. As a consequence we are stressed out.

Although reality is space-time, we focus on the temporal aspects, and become blind to the spatial, to the right brain. We try to go fast in everything we do - fast cars, fast food - deadlines everywhere. We live with a constant inward sense of urgency. Its "life in the fast lane" for people always focused on achievement, on getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With this kind of temporal imbalance it is easy for anyone living in today's world, especially the so called "Type-A" personalities, to get out of sync with the natural rhythms of the body. We go too far into our head at the expense of our body. We think too much and feel too little. I have come to understand that the "too fast" time state is one of the fundamental causes of much of the energy misalignment, and stress, that afflict so many people. This is significant because medical science today acknowledges that tension and stress in turn cause, or exacerbate, a great many of our illnesses and diseases.

The frequencies of the PrimaSounds, and the slow moving quality of the music itself, slows people down from their usual, day-to-day time. It shifts them from an illusionary time consciousness, to space-time reality. This is a change from time focused head consciousness where thinking dominates, to space focused body awareness where we can also feel. It is a change from time to space-time which alters our experience of time. This is why the PrimaSounds experience is often associated with time distortions. A listener hears a piece of PrimaSounds music which is ten minutes long, and when its over, they think a half hour has passed, or no time at all. They have entered into unmeasurable subjective time. This is not a delusion or time distortion to be avoided, it's an awakening. It is exactly in accord with the Theory of Relativity. As Albert Einstein put it: "There exists, therefore, for the individual, an I-time, or subjective time. This in itself is not measurable."

PrimaSounds frequently leave people feeling energized, but slowed down, more centered and deliberate. With PrimaSounds the body awareness increases, a person feels like they are spacing out. They are more into feeling than before, and less focused on a stream of internal chatter. They are out of their normal distorted linear time sense, and into a new subjective time where space, patterns and symmetry come to the foreground. The brain seems to function more holistically, using both right and left hemispheres. A better balance of space and time is attained.

Our sense of space regains its natural balance with time. At first, we may feel spacey, too spaced out, but this is only because of the hidden prejudices of our early childhood Newtonian conditioning. We are used to temporal thinking, but not spatial feeling. If we go with it, realize it is an awakening, we can get used to it, and adapt. We become more of a whole person. We begin to experience reality as it is - space and time connected - everything related to everything else in a unified field. This is the normal and natural state of our human energies. We are designed to both think and feel. Escaping the psychological illusion of fleeting time makes it easier for us to relax, to take "time out," to feel. We realize that we have all the time in the world to do what we need to do. The present moment is not "fleeting" - it is forever.

PrimaSounds can help us to relax by allowing us to experience for ourselves the insights of Einstein. We can see and feel that time is an illusion, that only space-time is real. This awakening naturally helps us to relax. Of course, the key is always balance. Some people err on the other side of too much space, too much feeling. They are never on time. Their thoughts are incoherent. Space without time is also unreal, not to mention impractical. The key is not to abandon time, it is to be a master of time, not its slave.

After a listener slows down, relaxes, and reaches a healthy balance between space and time, they can begin to use PrimaSounds resonance to focus in on the chakras. This focus of attention starts the cosmic energy flowing. With the body in a healthy relaxed state, the Soul can more easily grow. This is a transition from emphasis on the Body realm, to focus on the Soul realm; from matter to energy. There is also a shift in the functions from Feeling to Sensing; from Feeling the Body to Sensing the Soul. In this second stage the emphasis is on perception of your bio-energies.

I include seven tones at the end of each CD for this purpose. These tones are designed to help focus your attention on each of the seven chakras. By paying attention to the energies, they naturally open and expand. The strength of the energies increases. It may start slowly, but with time-space it will build and grow. This is the second, energization stage - the stage where the Soul and sensations become the primary focus of attention.

After a while, you will be able to directly experience for yourself what the chakras are. If you are building upon deep relaxation, and have fully felt the body, it becomes relatively easy to have a direct experience of Soul. You can actually sense your energies with all five senses. Later you can sense the energies of others, and ultimately of all living things. You'll see for yourself that the whole Universe is alive and has energy. You will come to understand yourself as a living field of energy, a field in constant interchange with the rest of reality.

Work in the second stage usually begins by noticing which of your energy centers are strong and which are weak. Certain energies may also be stuck and uneven. Most will be slightly out of tune. The goal is to keep your energy smooth, balanced, flowing, and harmonious, and to make it strong. This is easy to understand but difficult to accomplish. For most people it takes many years and constant vigilance. Levels of achievement can be reached, but there is always room for improvement.

After some work in this stage you may be able to touch these energies with your hands, even see them. Then ultimately you can move these energies with your intent, facilitated by your hands, your sense of touch. This helps you achieve a healthy balance and flow This is the basis of most healing arts in the Orient, especially Chi Kung, and acupuncture. It is also the basis of the highest levels of martial arts.

PrimaSounds can be used alone, or in conjunction with other systems of energy work and Soul refinement. Most spiritual, esoteric and psychological traditions include energy and Soul enhancement work of some kind. PrimaSounds can enhance and complement many other practices. Some examples are the Chinese healing traditions we've mentioned, the Indian traditions of Tantric and Kundalini Yoga, Sufi practices, and most modern psychological disciplines, especially the humanistic and transpersonal schools.

In view of the power of these energies, only a small opening is required to notice an overall increase in vitality and concentration. With the new energy comes an overall enhancement of consciousness. The Soul is energized and elevated to a higher level. It is put into harmony. But, until the higher levels are attained, these artificially induced "altered states" wear off. The influence of our culture will have its way. The illusion of linear time will set in again. Stress will once again grow. Disharmonies will set in. Energies will get stuck again, some will begin to dominate over the others. Apart from dropping out of the world entirely, like monks and nuns, the only way out of this cycle is to reach the critical third and fourth stages of Peak and Visionary experiences. Then a "Life Tuning" process begins in earnest.

In the third "peak experience" level of listening the focus moves to the Spirit realm. As before, for this new stage to work, it must be built on a solid foundation of the prior levels: body relaxation and Soul energization. In addition to the change from Soul to Spirit, there is a shift from the function of Sensing - Soul Sensing - to the function of Thinking - Spirit Thinking. (Careful, the use of the term "thinking" here is meant in a technical sense - intentional holistic relating - as explained in Laws of Wisdom, and does not correspond to the common usage of the word as a reference to the "stream of chatter" inside most people's heads.)

This stage of intense spiritual realization requires sustained effort and Wisdom. By Wisdom we mean practical "know how," practical knowledge of the workings of the chakras and consciousness. One of the purposes of this book, as well as our prior books, is to provide the thinking based Wisdom-knowledge required for deeper experience, the third and fourth levels, and then even beyond that, to begin the process of "tuning your life." The desire and effort needed for this is a matter of personal choice. But if you so choose, PrimaSounds can be used as a tool to evoke profound peak experiences. The world of the Spirit can open up and become a living reality.

For most people their first peak experiences are usually relatively mild, or disjointed and incomplete. They have various types of altered states of expanded consciousness, and visions from the subconscious related to past memories and abuse. These are frequently important in the context of psychological therapy and learning to know yourself. But beyond this, there is the potential to have a much more profound, sacred experience. The essential peak experience of the third level is an experience of union with the Infinite - GOD. The Indians call this tuning into OM, the fundamental tone of the Universe. In Buddhism this is Enlightenment - Nirvana, the Buddha's subtle smile.

buddha.jpgWhatever the cultural context, it is a transpersonal, sacred experience. To attempt to speak of it, as I'm doing here, is to think of the Infinite. Since the Infinite by definition cannot be contained by finite concepts or words, it is ineffable, and this attempt the impossible. Thinking and words can never do it justice, it can only point the way. This kind of knowledge can only be gained by direct experience, not books. That is why this usage of PrimaSounds is so important.

Only after you have had this experience in its full intensity, and the visions or knowing which comes with it, does the Life Tuning process truly begin. A kind of spiritual knowledge comes with this type of sacred experience that cannot be learned in any other way. It is one thing to read about another person's mystic experience, or to understand intellectually the unified space-time theory that all things in the Universe are connected. It is quite another to actually experience it - to feel the complete unity with the Universe, and yourself as a fractal hologram, an inherent part of a living, conscious Universe.

But when this stage is finally attained - for some it is easy, for others it takes a lifetime of work - then the Life Tuning process can begin in earnest. The fourth stage of visionary experiences becomes filled with meaning and guidance. The previously chaotic world starts to make sense in a new way. You can use PrimaSounds to fully open, balance and tune the chakras, and help bring them, and your life, into harmony. Your thinking can become clear and holistic, and transcend linearity. In terms of psychology, especially Jungian, this Life Tuning process is usually called the "integration of consciousness."

The seventh chakra - Spirit - is the starting point for the peak experience, because this is a person's fundamental vibration, their tone. All of the other chakras are derived from it. By tuning into this field you can get to the starting point where you will not be determined from the outside, but will decide from the inside. You can then create a continuity, the meaning of your life in space and time.

This spiritual chakra field creates, among other things, an electromagnetic vibration in the cortex of approximately 12 hertz. This is the alpha brain wave pattern. (There are other reasons for selecting 12 as the base number, instead of other frequencies, such as 10 hertz, that are within the alpha wave range; but explanation of these reasons would lead us well astray. The interested reader is referred to Chance and Choice or Laws of Wisdom.) Twelve hertz is too low a tone to be heard, but not to be felt. It is like the experience itself - a "Thundering Silence" as the Zen Buddhists call it. It is a state of complete emptyness, nothingness, that is, at the same time, filled with the entire Universe.

PrimaSounds can help you merge with the infinite nothingness, and thereby begin the journey. Still, PrimaSounds is no magic pill. Sustained effort, dedication, and purity of heart are still required. For some people this experience comes, when they are ready, by focusing all attention on the energy at the top of the head, thinking of the infinite - GOD - and just letting themselves go, merging into it. There are many other methods, many other ways this kind of incredible experience can come to you. With perseverance, guidance and instruction, it may eventually come, but it cannot be rushed. Its not really a matter of trying hard either, for it comes in letting go.

Although thinking in the holistic sense may be a valuable tool in conjunction with PrimaSounds to help you attain this experience, it is not the experience itself. The Infinite is beyond thought. It exists well outside of time, and cannot be entered if you are still trapped in a time sick state. Linear thinking and tension will interfere with and prevent the experience. The intense Peak Experience referred to here can only be attained after you have escaped the time based delusions. A balance of space and time is needed. So too is mastery of the first two levels of listening - body relaxation and energy enhancement. Then holistic thinking - spiritual thinking - becomes possible, and can help, rather than hinder, the Life Tuning process.

The peak experience, sometimes called Nirvana, Satori, Moshka, Enlightenment, Christ Consciousness - whatever - is just the beginning of Life's Tuning, not the end. For unless you fully integrate your consciousness, you will not be able to maintain the alpha vibrations in a pure form. You will go out of tune. You will lose your perfect timing, your space balanced timing. Your energy will be completely overlapped by other vibrations. No energy shield, or sheltered life with only nature or other enlightened people, will protect you. You will still be vulnerable to the ill effects of your own consciousness.

Just as the energies affect your consciousness, consciousness affects your energies. Until your consciousness is radically transformed, its effects on your chakras will be largely negative. The essence of the transformation needed is to stay in constant attunement with the fundamental tone of the world, the primal Source of All That Is. The idea is to bring your consciousness, and thus your energy, into harmonious integration with the infinite Source. It is a trick of staying in the ever changing flow of space-time - the Tao - where everything is related to everything else, where time and space constantly interact with each other, and change each other. This is a place-time where nothing, not even the past, is fixed. As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said thousands of years ago: All is flow. Nothing remains the same. You can never step into the same river twice.

The goal of Life Tuning is "integration of consciousness." This is a common term in psychology, especially Jungian psychology. But what is really meant by that? In the ordinary course of human life we experience a series of disconnected consciousness states. We are "disintegrated." We have many different selves, states of consciousness, that are either poorly connected, or not connected at all. For instance, the waking thinking self is usually out of touch with and does not remember the dreaming, sleeping self. The left and right brains are not connected. The sensing, sensual energies do not work well with the thinking or willing energies. Feelings are cut off from thoughts, thoughts from action, perceptions from feelings, etc. We are different people at different times, with little or no continuity between our different states of consciousness. (See R.C.L.'s "The Problem of the Subtle Sybil Effect" in Laws of Wisdom for more on this ancient psychological insight).

Since our consciousness is unintegrated, and since the world itself is chaotic, we have trouble understanding who we are. We have trouble remembering why we were born in the first place-time. The world can seem like an endless series of meaningless happenings that do not fit together, do not make sense. Many important things seem to be the result of chance or luck. There is no conscious being there to see the "big picture." It is like hearing foreign words or sentences without any underlying comprehension. The world seems meaningless.

This discontinuity of consciousness can also be analyzed from an energy perspective. The frequencies of the different primal energies are disintegrated by vibrations that are out of tune. They are mis-tuned in one of two ways. Either they are all tuned to the same frequency, the same pitch - called unisonce - or there are different tones, but inharmonious -- dissonant. To be in tune - integrated - means harmony between different tones. Each chakra sounds its own tone, with its own colors, but in harmony and balanced volume with the others.

chakracolor.jpgThe four lower chakras tend towards unisonce. The three upper ones towards dissonance. The first four chakras are tied to the four time-like functions of consciousness: sensing, thinking, feeling and willing. The last three are tied to the three space-like realms of consciousness: body, soul and spirit. These correspondences, and the chakra colors, are shown in the chart below. These colors show perfectly tuned and balanced chakras.

In fact, perfectly tuned and balanced chakras are extremely rare. The tendency of the four lower functions is for one of the energies to dominate the others. For instance, if the consciousness function of sensing predominates, the first chakra energy controls. If the thinking function is dominant, then the second chakra tone causes the others to sound like it. If the feeling function is strongest, then so is the third chakra. If willing is the loudest, then so is the fourth chakra. The strongest energy takes over the others in a kind of entrainment effect. Sometimes two of the functions and energies will work together to dominate the other two. Usually thinking and willing go together, and sensing and feeling, but not always. In any event, the danger for the four lower chakras is always that one or more will dominate and overpower the others. This negative entrainment distorts the energies, puts them out of tune and out of balance. An inharmonious unisonce results. The stronger energy stunts the growth of the weaker chakras, and puts the whole field out of balance.

This correspondence between consciousness and energy makes it easier to tune into your energies. You can learn about the condition of your first four chakras by observing what type of person you are. For many people today (particularly readers), the thinking function tends to dominate the others, but it can just as easily be another function dominating. For instance, sensing dominating thinking where the parroting of the thoughts of others passes for thinking; or feeling dominating thinking where desires and feelings replace any thinking, and all is rationalization of what you want. This is a matter of introspection and knowing yourself. Once you discover what type of person you are - a Feeler, a Thinker, a Sensor, or a Doer - you have a good clue as to the condition of your lower chakras. It helps you to know which chakras have to be strengthened and which toned down. You can then allocate your energy-work time accordingly.

The upper three energies have just the opposite problem as the lower ones. Whereas the lower ones tend to go together, the upper ones tend to go apart. The upper three chakras tend to dissonance, instead of unisonce. These three consciousness realms go out of tune, out of harmony, by each separating too far from the other two. The body, soul and spirit tend to fly apart, and fail to act together like they should for harmony. The mind does not know the body, nor the body the mind. Neither is in touch with the spirit. The mind and body have to be brought together and made to work in concert with the spirit.

Here it is not a question of learning which of the three higher chakras is strongest, and dominating the others, as with the first four chakras. Instead, it is a matter of gathering these energies together. All of the three higher chakras - the fifth, sixth and seventh - tend to be too weak. They cannot remain strong until they start to come together in harmony. The fundamental problems of the realms and functions of consciousness - either to be squished together into unisonce, or to fly apart into dissonance - are further developed in Laws of Wisdom.

thinkingchakra.jpgUntuned Chakras - illustrates with colors a typical pattern of energy distortion found in many people today. The seven chakras are out of tune. The top three are in dissonance and the bottom four in unisonce. In this example we show a person who thinks too much. The second thinking chakra dominates, spills over to the others, and is itself discolored. The result is a discolored orange monochrome in the first four chakras, with the second energy much stronger than the others. Most people are mis-tuned in this way, but the imbalance can just as easily come from dominance of one of the other functions. The top three realm chakras are shown in disharmony. They are out of touch with each other, lose their natural color, and become diffuse, disintegrated.

The way to tune the energies and integrate consciousness is to retain a profound inner silence - an emptyness. This comes from the peak experience. This inner silence is the sacred dimension, or pure Awareness. It allows the otherwise unconnected states of consciousness to come together. Prima Sounds can help you to get to this ineffable sacred silence, the OM. You can never fully understand it if you have not had such an experience. Reading is a poor substitute because words and intellect alone do not do justice to the sublime.

The third stage of listening leads to the first step on the spiritual path of Life Tuning. PrimaSounds can then be used in a new way to tune into the Universe, to help with visions, community and ritual. It can bring us to the indigenous world view where we live together in a global village. Life Tuning creates a new world where each person finds and sings their own tone - a world of rainbow harmony, rather than uniform consonance or dissonant fighting.

Still, even in this New Age, and even after you are experienced, and on your way, the opening and tuning of the chakras produced by a PrimaSounds session will not last. Neither will the peak experience. Until full integration of consciousness is attained, the energies and knowing will fade away. The silent Awareness - the consciousness outside of time - must be strong and ever present for this integration to be complete. Until then interference from your own consciousness, and the different frequencies of the outside world, will disintegrate the peak experience. The energies of your system will fall out of tune. Some dissonance and unisonce will set in. These "bad vibrations" will blind you to the mysterious reality of space-time.

chakrasemituned.jpgFor this reason Life Tuning is a process, not a destination. Once on this way the chakras begin to heal and balance, but it doesn't happen all at once. Even with the help of regular re-tuning with PrimaSounds, the process takes decades, or more. Most of us are in some stage of semi-tuning. This is illustrated by the diagram  - Semi-Tuned Chakras - where the energies are shown coming out of thinking dominance.

With perseverance and good will, the Life Tuning process can lead to harmony and balance. The silent Awareness can slowly grow and become stronger. Each of us can mature. It is a cyclic process of advances and setbacks. It is not instantaneous. It requires constant vigilance. But if our intentions are good, our consciousness will naturally improve - we will integrate into a cohesive, coherent being. Our soul will become more vibrant and colorful. The effects of PrimaSounds resonance will gradually last longer and longer. The energies and peak experiences will be more easily induced.

chakraglow.jpgOur sense of space-time heightens. Our common sense changes. The interference between the chakras decreases. There is less static and dissonance. The seven energies start to work together in harmony. When we are harmonious within, we relate with others in harmony. We can attain harmony with the universe, what the Chinese call the "Tao." The tuning of our chakras, tunes our life. Although the world around us may sometimes darken, our body glows, our energies sing, and our spirit shines!

Fourth Stage - Visionary Experience

Here we have reached the fourth and highest stage of PrimaSounds listening - visionary experience. Far more than visualizations, these experiences can partake of all of the senses: hearing, taste, smell, touch, as well as vision. They can involve one sense, or all of the senses. They frequently involve novel cross-linkages of the senses, called synesthesia, where for instance you see sounds. Higher sensory capacities unknown to most people - so called extra-sensory perception - are also often involved. You intuit and perceive intelligence and entities from other dimensions and worlds. These "visions" cannot be adequately described in terms of the five senses because they include far more than that.

The visions are in essence communicatory and extra-sensorial. It is perception and insight on a higher level. This stage is an essential part of the Life Tuning process. The appearance of visions of all kinds is a sign that you are on your way.

This is the stage where the integrative function of Willing predominates. PrimaSounds can now be used as an essential tool of ritual. It can be used as a tool to help you invoke and receive help from all of space-time, all intelligences throughout the Universe. In this Willing, or deeply intuitive level, the other three stages are brought together in a higher order.

As you use PrimaSounds to tune into the very fabric of space-time, you start to recognize the hidden fractal order behind the seemingly random events of your life. It all starts to make sense. Your actions take on a higher purpose. You understand why you were born, what gifts and talents you have to share with others. You start to see how you fit into a higher synthesis. You feel and experience yourself as an indispensable part of the global brain. You start to talk to it, and remarkably, it talks back. Guidance and a wealth of information stream in from all dimensions, from all parts of the Universe and space-time. The world has meaning and you are a part of it.

From the beginning of time rituals have been used to create sacred spaces and times for this type of intentional communication - communion - with the divine, with angelic beings and other worlds, space/times. These kind of visions are amplified by community and ritual. They seem to demand it. They naturally involve a sense of awe, a sense of the miraculous and sacred. This kind of joy needs to be shared. But sometimes visions can be frightening. Fear blocks most types of "other-worldly" experiences. Here community rituals are particularly helpful. They can help a participant overcome anxieties and maintain a relaxed space-time state. When this happens, overwhelming love and joy replace the fear. PrimaSounds can be a ritual tool to help you to hear these messages, receive your personal visions and guidance.

As you tune into yourself and other intelligences, you naturally meet others who are on a similar path. They will recognize who you are. They will receive and honor you natural gifts and talents. They will help you to fulfill your purpose. The converse will happen to you. You will see and understand others on a deep level. You will want to help them fulfill their gifts - sing their song. Sharing and mutual service become a way of life. As part of this Life Tuning process you become part of a community of friends, a true global village.

As a human being you have an inalienable right - a birth right - to happiness, freedom, love and friendship. You have a right to speak with beings in all worlds, to have visionary experiences of all kinds, and to receive guidance and inspiration directly. The ideal can become a reality. There is no reason we cannot all live our lives in tune with love, each other, God and the Universe. It is our destiny to grow into this reality. PrimaSounds can help make it so.

Three Higher Chakras

As the chakras develop, the visions become clearer and your life changes in profound ways, you may open up to three more energies - the eighth, ninth and tenth chakras. These higher energies are not part of your personal energy field. They seem to be sub-harmonics of an expanded consciousness. They exist on an altogether different scale resonating to the energies of beings further along in evolution.

It is not necessary to develop these last potential chakras for a healthy, happy life. Most people never do. They only open if needed to fulfill your vision in a larger social context. So unless your vision leads you to play a historical role, you will not develop them. Still, it is good to know about them because you never where your path will lead. You never know what challenges the future might bring. They are always there in potential and can awaken if you truly need them.

10chakras.gifWe call the three additional energies - 8 - 9 - 10 - by the names: Motivation - Intention - Attentiveness. They bear some similarity to the states we normally refer to by these names, but have a much more intense, historical, transpersonal quality. Unlike the seven chakras which each have a link to a physical system, the three higher energies are not tied to the body and are not created internally. They do, however, have a spatial location relative to the body. The eighth chakra is felt to localize near the knees, the ninth by the feet, and the tenth above the head. Like the first seven chakras the upper three are energy fields which can be thought of as doors to spiritual energy. These energies flow in the currents of history with the spirit of the times. If and when you tune into them, you are hurled into social-historical whirlpools.

The eighth energy, Motivation, relates to the body of the earth as a whole. Its direction is the Northwest and it is associated with the "Power of Angels". The Motivation chakra pertains to deep-seated drives to help humanity, to serve the Earth. The motivation energy has to do with taking responsibility not only for personal understanding, but for the understanding of others. It involves the creation of general structures and explanations of the processes of becoming aware of Being. It provides the energy to respond to things far beyond personal concerns. With this energy comes the capability to respond to, and understand, newly-emerging social and historical forces.

The ninth energy, Intention, relates to Light and the Sun. Its direction is the Northeast and relates to the "Power of the Muses". The eighth Motivation energy can lead to the ninth Intention energy. Intention is more focused than Motivation, but is built upon it. It concerns particular historical projects and undertakings. The eighth chakra can bring new understanding which allows the ninth chakra to open. The Intention energy allows for inventiveness on a large scale. With these energies it is possible to create new visions and myths for all Mankind. Entirely new technologies and plans for living can be invented and communicated to the world. The projects and visions of the ninth chakra can bring a new communion between people and levels of being.

The tenth energy, Attentiveness, relates to the highest divine Beings, the prototype of all religions. It is the direction of the center going up. Attentiveness has to do with shining, the pure expression of Awareness. It involves manifestation of the brilliant godlike core of being. Just as Intention is based on Motivation, so too is Attentiveness based on fulfillment of transpersonal Intent. There is a kind of linear progression to the realization of the last three social energies. After Intent is developed, a real capacity to announce with credibility is possible. The tenth chakra provides the energy to proclaim new meaning for all to see and hear, to set a shining example as a living embodiment of the ideals of Truth, Beauty, Goodness or Justice. The tenth energy can be described as an intense, sacred feeling of Higher Self. If you ever hear a being emanating this kind of energy, you are instantly persuaded and can feel the truth of the words, even if you do not begin to understand them.

10energies.jpgThe ten chakras also relate to the nine basic principles, symbolized by the nine planets and our moon, to make up the tenfold macrocosmic relationship. In esoteric traditions this macrocosmic link is called the "Ladder to Heaven". In the Bible you see it as "Jacobs Ladder". In western esoteric traditions the planets are used as symbols on this Ladder to represent a kind of spheric circuitry between the worlds and levels of evolution. The next chart depicts each of these spheres and the Power that goes with them. The different Powers that make up the "Ladder of Heaven" are all interrelated and form a kind of "Golden Chain". It represents the progress of evolution. Man is in the middle, not the top. We appear to be part of a much larger Cosmic reality, a community of beings from all over the Universe, many much more evolved. This is all further described in other volumes of the School of Wisdom Series, especially Laws of Wisdom and Chance and Choice.

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