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4ways.jpgPrimaSounds listening can accelerate the realization of full potential - all sides of the brain - in four important ways:

The Fifteen Chapters in this Online Book-Web tell the full story of PrimaSounds, a new type of inner music based on a musical scale tuned to the human energy system. The unique PrimaSounds experience is a type of "vibration bath" which soothes the body, cleanses the soul and clears the mind. The book can be read before having the PrimaSounds experience, but in that case the reader's gratification will be only intellectual. For those who listen to one of the three audio CDs now available of PrimaSounds music (Life Tuning, PrimaSounds, Gatekeeper), this book can lead to much more. It can help the listener/reader to have a deeper hearing, to reach an understanding which includes not only the intellect, but also the body and soul, feelings, new sensations and awareness. You can learn how to use PrimaSounds as a tool of consciousness and human development.

PrimaSounds uses tone combinations based on a completely new musical scale invented by Professor Arnold Keyserling of the Academy of Applied Art, Vienna, Austria. The scale is tuned to the vibrational rates of the chakras, and for this reason is in resonance with them. Chakra is the name commonly used to identify the centers, or focal points, of the human energy field. They are the key energetical components of our being. Professor Keyserling discovered the exact mathematical frequencies of the chakras as part of his invention of this new type of music in 1971.

swing1.gifSince PrimaSounds move at the same rate -- the same frequency -- as the optimal rates of chakras, a strong resonance effect is created which increases the strength of the chakra vibrations. PrimaSounds push the chakras in the same way a child is pushed on a swing. Both depend on exact timing to make the swing go higher. If you push a child when they are still going backwards, you stop the wave. The swing stops. Only if you push just as the child has reached the top of the swing, and started to return, are you in resonance with the swing, and increase the wave. In the same way when a sound is in resonance -- which means a matching frequency -- the sound pushes at just the right time to catch the chakra energies, and make them go faster, just like the child. This is an oversimplification of the process, but Chapter 14 will go into greater detail of the physics. The illustration below shows the resonance on a child's swing to help you better picture the idea.

After Arnold Keyserling made this discovery, we collaborated for many years to develop PrimaSounds and write this and other books in the School of Wisdom Series. Arnold Keyserling himself contributes three chapters to this book. These chapters were originally written in German in the early seventies, and then translated and edited over the years. Although most of the writing in this book is mine, many of the ideas are his. This book, like PrimaSounds itself, would never have been created without his guidance and inspiration.

This book provides the latest physical and metaphysical theories of PrimaSounds: how it works; why it works. We hope to provide the reader with a rational framework with which to understand PrimaSounds. Most importantly, we will share our ideas on how to use PrimaSounds as a practical tool. Professor Keyserling provides important historical background on this type of musical tool, and relates it to many of the world's spiritual traditions. The reader will come to understand that the tones in this new scale are designed to be listened to and felt by the entire body, not just the ears. You will see that PrimaSounds music is not designed for entertainment, but to facilitate relaxation, enhance energy, and promote higher states of self realization.

The human stories behind PrimaSounds - how I came to meet Arnold Keyserling and his discovery of the chakra tones - is the subject of the Chapter One of this book. Keyserling essentially continues in modern form the ancient spiritual traditions of native wisdom - the "Wisdom Tradition." By this we mean the spiritual traditions found around the world that pre-date Christianity and other world religions. A brief overview of the Wisdom Tradition is given in Chapter Two. Then in Chapter Three we explain how PrimaSounds are different from music and other sounds, and how they are used in different ways by the Wisdom tradition. In Chapter Four we provide the theory and practice of using PrimaSounds in a process of positive self transformation. We call this "Life Tuning."

To be used effectively for Life Tuning PrimaSounds must be listened to in an entirely new way. Chapter Five gives detailed instructions in various listening techniques. In Chapter Six I give some background on how PrimaSounds music is created. Chapters Seven, Eight and Nine provide detailed information on the three CDs of PrimaSounds music, Life Tuning, PrimaSounds, and GateKeeper. In the next three chapters Professor Keyserling provides his explanation of the significance of PrimaSounds music and the seven chakras. He explains how PrimaSounds are tuned to our "chakras" and what this means.

Chapter Thirteen concerns the music theory behind PrimaSounds. The PrimaSounds scale is different from all others because it is attuned to the "seventh harmonic." In this chapter you will learn what that means and how the scale was constructed. Chapter Fourteen concerns the physics of PrimaSounds. Here we offer our acoustic theories of how and why PrimaSounds work. We postulate a resonance effect between the sound waves and our electromagnetic bio-energies of the same frequency. Chapter Fifteen concludes with an explanation of the ultimate meaning of PrimaSounds - its true reason for being.

Four Sides of PrimaSounds

The basic premise of this book is that PrimaSounds listening can accelerate the realization of full potential - all sides of the brain - in four important ways: (1) relaxation and stress reduction; (2) enhanced energy and concentration; (3) peak experiences of inner knowing and unity; and, (4) visions -- "higher dimensional discovery" experiences.

  • Stress Reduction. The resonance properties of PrimaSounds relieve stress and facilitate relaxation. All you have to do is listen to these sounds in the right environment, without any rush or hurry. Then just let PrimaSounds help you to feel your body. This will put you into a calm, meditative state where you can let go of stress and anxiety. The music slows you down, allows you to go into your body, space out and relax.

This experience is open to almost everyone. You need only take time to let go of your inner chatter for a while, to open yourself, and allow the strong vibrations to flow over and through you. The negative energies, tension and stress then seem to dissipate automatically. You enter a more natural space-time which seems much slower, yet is actually in tune with the cosmos and body rhythms. It opens you to healing, feelings and rejuvenation. The soul is relaxed from the cleansing, at least for a time, until you speed up again, and the normal everyday demands and stresses of life return.

  • Energize. After the relaxation stage, the second use of Prima Sounds is possible where you begin to sense your energies. You become aware of how PrimaSounds resonate and stimulate your bio-energies. These energies are called Chi or Prana in the East where they serve as the basis of Oriental Medicine. In the West it has been called the Aura, or Halo. With PrimaSounds you can have strong, direct sensations of these energy fields. Then you can begin to stimulate, open up, and balance your energies. Tuning into your energies in turn significantly enhances your ability to concentrate and focus attention.

With PrimaSounds you not only hear the chakras, you feel them, touch them - sense them on many levels. The sound vibrations massaging the body help you to focus in on the centers of subtle bio-energies - the vibrational whirlpools. PrimaSounds allow you to strengthen and tune your soul into the strong, primal vibrations of life. This allows the energies of the body to flow more naturally. The energy strengthening and smoothing helps some people to a healthier and more energetic life.

For most, success in the second level requires training, and assistance, or at least a strong background in related disciplines. With help, however, this second stage is not terribly demanding or difficult, and may be easier and more accessible than many other methods. Although a new discovery, many health care providers, psychologists, and spiritual teachers have already devised ways to integrate PrimaSounds into their therapeutic programs. We hope this book will stimulate more experimental applications.

  • Peak Experiences. With even more training and practice Prima Sounds can be used to induce profound, peak experiences of self knowing and unity. These experiences have a sacred quality, and are essentially ineffable and mystic. They are the basis of what Aldous Huxley calls the Perennial Philosophy. Although beyond words, the people who have had this experience frequently refer to it as a deep inner state of self realization, a kind of thundering silence, with overwhelming feelings of joy and love. It is like an inner orgasm, where the original Big Bang of the creation of the Universe is remembered. It is also a wonderfully secure and loving experience of communion and unity with the entire Universe and the source of all being. It is a kind of a cosmic, religious, experience where you are one with the fundamental tone of the Universe.

Although most people require a great deal of time and effort to be ready for such a strong experience, if you are ripe, PrimaSounds can help get you there. It does not induce the experience, it just helps you let it happen.

Once you have such a peak experience, and the knowledge of pure Awareness which it brings, Prima Sounds can begin to fulfill its highest potential. It can serve as a tool to help in the full integration of consciousness. This is a process we call Life Tuning which is described in Chapter Six. Profound understanding develops, and ever stronger energies are released and absorbed as you find your meaning in life and begin to fulfill it. Then, as your life is transformed and filled with spirit, a fourth usage of PrimaSounds may develop. You may begin to receive ever clearer visions of who you are and why you were born. Easily and naturally you become open to community and help from the beyond. You become a Being in the Universe.

  • Visionary Experiences. For a few listeners PrimaSounds can evoke strong visionary and "other dimensional" experiences. The vibrations and mood created by the music can open doors to other worlds, alternate realities and altered states of consciousness. It can facilitate the Shamanic journeys reported in most traditional and aboriginal cultures of the world. The listener can choose to walk through these doors (or not), to have an adventure in these other worlds, communicate with other beings and entities, and return.

Although this aspect of the music is present on all three of the audio CDs now available, it is emphasized in the latest CD, GateKeeper. As will be shown in the chapter describing this CD, GateKeeper is based on the Shamanic journeys and five-fold magical cosmology of the Dagara Tribe of West Central Africa. They are described in the books of our friend and colleague, Malidoma Patrice Somé - who is both a Shaman of the Dagara, and holder of two Ph.D. degrees - and that of his wife, Sobonfu Elizabeth Somé, a great shaman in her own right.

The higher potentials of Prima Sounds - beyond using the music for energy, health and relaxation - are not obvious, and could be missed without some explanation. Although stress, tension, disharmonious energies, sickness and disease are major problems in themselves, they are just symptoms. Many people are coming to understand that even if these sicknesses are healed, different illnesses will later manifest unless and until the root causes are addressed. The ultimate cause of these ills is not physical, or even energetical and social, it is spiritual. It comes from a lack of meaning, purpose and real community. It comes from mistaken ideas and beliefs, such as ideas about who you are, or how you should spend your time. When your spirit is out of alignment, a host of illnesses and other problems are sure to follow.

PrimaSounds listening, either alone or in groups, can be a useful tool to help heal your spirit. It can help you tune into your true spirit, to know yourself and why you were born. Only in this way can you be truly at ease with yourself and the Universe. Then all "dis-ease" will go away naturally and permanently.

The third and fourth stages of peak and visionary experiences can help you to remember your meaning and purpose in life. As you remember why you are here, and the gifts you have brought for this world, PrimaSounds can also make it easier to stay in touch with the other beings in this Universe who would help you - your friends and spiritual allies. When you are in dialogue and communication with others, your ideas and concepts are naturally refined and improved. You come ever closer to the truth. Your understanding and ease matures and grows. Your spirit shines and its health flows into your body and soul.

Wisdom does not only come from finding your vision and knowing your strengths, but also from the realization that we are part of a greater whole. Each of us has limitations as well as gifts. None of us can make it on our own. Our unique talents, our personal vision, is part of a larger vision, a larger undertaking beyond our temporal grasp.

The help of beings in all dimensions of reality is needed by everyone. All spiritual traditions teach that we need friends here on earth, and in the beyond. Only with their help can we share our special gifts and carry out our mission. Everyone on a spiritual path necessarily receives and gives help to many. Community is indispensable. We need a living communion, not only with each other, but with the whole earth, nature, and beings in all dimensions, all over the Universe. When we participate in such a community, we can fulfill our highest visions. We can prosper spiritually, with good health naturally following. This book/web, like the music itself, is created to help you find your vision, and tap into the courage and community needed to carry it out.

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