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How To Listen To PrimaSounds

PrimaSounds listening requires a quiet, undisturbed environment, either by yourself, or with others. Typically, your eyes will be closed, and you will be in a very comfortable position. Your back and head will be level, preferably upright, in a sitting position. Lying down can also be nice, but you may find yourself falling asleep.

Always set aside plenty of time in advance for a listening session. PrimaSounds listening should not be rushed. Turn off all phones and arrange not to be disturbed. Good sound equipment is very helpful, and will magnify the effects. Quality speakers are particularly important in the accurate reproduction of the tones, especially the low tones. Still, good results can be obtained if the equipment can play the music without distortion or crackling.

A New Kind of Listening

PrimaSounds requires a new kind of listening. The sounds should be felt with the entire body, not just heard with the ears. That's why transducers and sub-woofers are great tools to enhance PrimaSounds listening. Begin a session by letting go of any inner dialogue. Begin to focus on the novel sensations and feelings at hand. If you have trouble silencing the inner chatter of your mind, shift your attention back to the slowly changing tones. Listen to the rhythmic beating between the harmonics. Feel the sound vibrations themselves and the way they caress your skin. Play PrimaSounds loud enough to directly feel the vibrations all over your body, particularly in your stomach, spine and head.

Since PrimaSounds are designed to resonate your entire energy field, headphones diminish the total effect and should be avoided. All headphones will only resonate your top three head chakras. If you have to use headphones, try to use a transducer pillow or similar device. In that way your body will also be vibrated and you will not be over-energized in the head. Most people are too much into their heads anyway, so it is very important to bring your lower body into the PrimaSounds experience.

The first level of listening enjoyment requires only that you get yourself comfortable and just fall into the sounds. Let go and relax. Don't try to analyze what you hear, think about infinity, or better yet, don't think at all. Try to remove yourself from the inner dialogue, to step out of the endless stream of worries, concerns and plans. You can get back into all of that later. For now treat yourself to a time out, a time to just relax and do nothing but feel your body and sense the bath of sound energies running all over you.

Listen to the many new and unusual sounds and frequencies which you have never heard before. The deeper and more intensely you listen, the more you will hear. There are layers of sound and constant subtle movements in what may at first seem to be static or slowly moving sound forms. If you let go, the sounds will carry you inward and invoke intense feelings of joy and release.

From time to time while listening try turning your head, or slightly varying your position in the room. Notice how the sounds themselves vary as your ears enter different parts of the standing wave patterns created by these sounds. (See the chapter on the Physics of PrimaSounds to see what this means.) Pay attention to these vibrations, and the pockets of sound you discover. Go with the resonance effects created by these sound waves, rather than oppose them. By doing this you will probably find that your discursive thinking, your anxieties and tension, will be replaced by positive sensations and feelings. Its like using a sound shower to wash away "bad vibes."

Another time try standing up while you listen - feet rooted, knees bent as in chi kung or martial arts meditation. From time to time let your body sway with the feet fixed, like a tree. Let your arms move slowly, very slowly, and feel how your hands vibrate in the air. Still going very slowly, move your hands a few inches above your skin. Go over different parts of your body, especially the chakra areas. After a while many people start to have a tactile sense of their own energies. They can touch their energies! The key is not to move the hands too quickly, keep an empty mind, and don't try too hard.

Another approach is to slowly move around the room while you listen. Just let yourself move with the sounds, identify the pockets of sound and flow from one to another. The presence of other people in the room, especially singing people, makes the experience even more varied and beautiful. You may want to walk slowly, like in Zen meditation, or to spin, like in Sufi dance, or to slink along like a large cat. Just let your body move the way it wants. Usually your eyes will be closed, or squinted, but sometimes it will feel better to keep your eyes open. Do whichever feels most comfortable for you at the moment. Just keep focused and avoid thoughts, and especially avoid self criticism, or embarrassed self consciousness. Have the self confidence to experiment, and do what feels right and natural in the moment. Be yourself. This is one key to feeling good and to over-all wellness and health.

Space-Time Feels Spacey

Listening to PrimaSounds may make you light headed and feel like you are falling inward. You may feel spaced out and disoriented at first. If this is a novel experience for you, there is no need to be alarmed. The dizzy sensations and feelings of head expansion will pass, and when the sounds are over, you will be completely cognizant and coherent, usually even more clear headed than before, and very calm. Although your consciousness may be altered while you are listening to these sounds, it is temporary. You can open your eyes at any time and quickly return to normal, waking consciousness.

The feelings of spaceyness are not necessarily bad. For many it shows a better balance of space-time as discussed in the Life Tuning chapter. If you are comfortable with the new perceptions, just relax and let yourself go with them. They should not harm you in any way, just allow you to relax more deeply and fully in the moment. You are entering into what Einstein called your "I-time or subjective time."

Be Careful

In our experiments with PrimaSounds since 1973 we have exposed hundreds of "normal" people to these sound vibrations without adverse affects. Instead it has produced a variety of remarkably positive effects. Nevertheless, common sense suggests that epileptics, or persons with mental illness, brain disorders or any type of extreme medical condition should exercise caution when listening to PrimaSounds and consult first with their supervising physician. The acoustic effects of PrimaSounds can be quite powerful.

No research has yet been performed as to its effects on injuries, disease, schizophrenia, or other pathological states and disorders. Although many speculate that PrimaSounds can have profound healing effects, and the myths surrounding this type of music from the past suggests this (i.e., Orpheus), we do not yet have any hard evidence on its medicinal applications. Still, I would not be surprised if others develop these medicinal applications in the future. I have already received reports of accelerated healing of all kinds, both physical and psychological. One listener even swears that it cures his hangovers! But there is not yet any scientific or medical proof, one way or the other.

I suggest that you not try anything drastic without the advice and support of a sympathetic physician. Most of the evidence we have to date is anecdotal, and most is from basically healthy people. Their primary aim has been relaxation, development and transcendence. Their only "illnesses" are the normal stresses, tensions and neurosis of modern chaotic life.

For people in an average or better state of health there is no danger from the sound resonance effects. So unless you have such an extreme medical condition, go ahead and enjoy the light-headedness, and let all of the tension, negative emotions and stress flow out of you.

Strong images, visions or fantasies may come. If so, don't tense up. Just remain with your eyes closed, and either enjoy the visualizations, or if you wish, switch your attention back to the music. Listen to the subtle changes in tonal forms within the continuous slow flow of the music. Relax and feel the sound vibrations in your head, spine, stomach, and other parts of your body. Notice how the sounds stimulate one or more of the seven primary energy centers, the chakras.

With a good stereo system you will probably soon notice that the louder you play the music, the stronger the effects. There is a danger here. Any sounds or music played too loud for too long will damage the ear drums and sensitive bones of the inner ear. Remember to take care of your hearing and don't play PrimaSounds too loud. If your ears start to hurt, or bother you in any way, then stop, and switch to silent meditation. As funny as it may sound, some people, myself included, from time to time wear ear plugs when listening to PrimaSounds at high volumes. This allows your body to enjoy the strong air movements without endangering your ears.

A Poetic Listening Technique

Here is another poetic or visionary method for listening to PrimaSounds: "Try imagining that you are whirling your love energies all around you, and at the same time, understand yourself as a flute. Then, after some time, allow a deep and profound breath to arise up from your lower passions. When this happens you will have made yourself empty and you can then open the particular meaning of each chakra." [This image is taken from the first volume of the School of Wisdom Series From Dark To Life by Arnold Keyserling (School of Wisdom 1991)].


The effects of PrimaSounds can be greatly enhanced by quality high fidelity equipment. Although good results may still be obtained on average stereo equipment, playing PrimaSounds on poor equipment should be avoided. Since the sound waves have a direct effect on a person, the quality of the production of the vibrations is important. Poor equipment, especially speakers, can cause distortion detrimental to your enjoyment of the music. So if you do not have good equipment, especially speakers, to listen with, do not turn up the volume too high, and do not listen too long. Better yet, upgrade your system - sub-woofers and transducers are especially recommended - or go to a friend's house who has great equipment. You may be astonished by the difference.

In the past few years we have been experimenting with special PrimaSounds furniture -- such as relaxation chairs equipped with sound vibrators -- and with optimal surround sound systems. Some day these may be available as products, so keep checking the PrimaSounds webs for the latest developments at www.PrimaSounds.com.

PrimaSounds Is Not New Age Music

PrimaSounds is not another type of "New Age" music designed to be heard as background sounds. It is designed for deep inner experiences and self discovery and so demands your undivided time and attention. Although some people may enjoy it when used as background mood music, others may be very annoyed by it. Never try to force PrimaSounds on anyone. If you don't want to hear it, you will put up psychological barriers. Further, I suggest you not keep PrimaSounds on for long periods of time, or use it as constant background music. It's meant to be taken in relatively small doses, one or two hours at most.

PrimaSounds and Other Music

The tuning of the PrimaSounds pitches can sound unpleasant - sour - dissonant - if combined with the scale of regular external music. This is because PrimaSounds is based on the one interval which does not fit in the diatonic and 12 tone systems used by almost all other musical scales in the West, the natural acoustic seventh. This is explained in the chapter on Music Theory.

Although at first I did some experiments with combining the two scales and two forms of music, I did not pursue it. Although some superficially good results are possible, in the long run they don't go well together at all. Its like water and oil. The oil of regular music distracts and pollutes the water of PrimaSounds. The direct rhythms of music interfere with the more subtle rhythms produced by the tone combinations of PrimaSounds. The presence of melody is also counterproductive. Melody is antithetical to the random effects of the Strange Attractor. It prevents spontaneity, and interferes with being in the flow of the moment. It puts you in time, so does rhythm in a different way. I could go on, but in short, I suggest you resist the temptation to mix and combine other forms of music with PrimaSounds.

Some Suggestions for Listening Experiments

After a PrimaSounds session, just as the music stops, pay careful attention to how you feel at that instant. Notice if or how you are different. How does your head feel? Have your senses changed? What has happened to your sense of time? The first few times you do this experiment, try putting "the difference" in words or symbols and write it down. Then later go back and think about what you wrote.

Modify this experiment on another occasion: after the silence at the end of the PrimaSounds session don't try to describe the difference to yourself or others, instead keep experiencing it for as long as possible. Luxuriate in the charged emptyness! Strive to remain with chatter free clear Awareness for as long as possible. When you later forget, and then still later realize that you forgot, don't be harsh on yourself, be glad you remembered and let yourself slip back into the pure Awareness. Observe the other energies from out of this Awareness. For best results at first stay in silence by yourself and arrange in advance not to be disturbed.

At another time do these experiments with someone you know well and love. After the music stops compare their descriptions with yours, or in the second level experiments, observe their inner silence, notice their energy from out of your silence. Try these experiments with a group of like minded people. At the School of Wisdom we have conducted many listening experiments, such as the heads in a circle posture that is pictured at the beginning of this chapter. A group listening experience can be a whole lot of fun, and a good way to make deep contact with people in new and unusual ways.

Energization Stage of Listening

As you become more familiar with these energies, by whatever listening method you employ, you begin to more easily relax and to differentiate and focus on one chakra or another as it is stimulated by the sounds. You may then want to change your style of listening to focus on the energization stage. Here you concentrate your attention on the physical location of each of the chakras. You feel the part of your body where each chakra is located. (See the chart below.)

Once you have localized the energy in that way, sense out the emptiness in the center of the energy vortex. Sense the void, the black hole in the center of the chakra. Once you have found the energy, feel the dynamics of the entire field. Then keep your will, your attention, focused on it rather than the physical location.

Now imagine the cosmic energies flowing through the field. They flow from the black hole in the center, the infinitely small point of the first dimension. After you imagine it, allow it to really happen. Abandon expectations, but focus instead on sensing the energies that are already there. Tune into the subtle energies.

You may feel a tremendous surge or a heating up of your energy and even your body. Just observe the process. Then when it feels right, move on to another chakra and start the process anew. Some may be easier to open than others. This will probably take considerable time and repeated efforts, so don't expect success right away. Be patient with yourself and fully digest each new experience that comes.

By meditation on your energies you will learn by direct experience which are your strongest and weakest energies. This is a far better method than having a third person tell you about your energies and tell you what to do. When you sense it for yourself, you will "really believe it" and your motivation to act will be much stronger. Moreover, this is the only way you can be sure the advice is correct.

Experiential verification is the doorway to truth, in other words, "seeing is believing." Once you know from direct observation which of your energies are strong, and which are weak, you can begin to pattern your energy work accordingly. You can begin to use PrimaSounds to focus on and amplify your weaker energies and achieve a balanced whole. The activation and balance of your energies will in turn assist in the creation of continuity between your different states of consciousness as discussed in Life Tuning.

In this Energization stage you will want to listen to the individual tones of PrimaSounds. The five tones are called A, E, I, O, U. Each of the seven tones (five of one octave and the first two notes of the next) are played solo at the end of each of the PrimaSounds CDs. The chakra tone alignment is as follows:

7 - Spirit A

6 - Soul U

5 - Body O

4 - Willing I

3 - Feeling E

2 - Thinking A

1 - Sensing U

On the first CD, Life Tuning, the first note played, U, corresponds to the first chakra, the second note, A, to the second chakra, the third note played, E, to the third chakra, and so forth up to the seventh note, A. On the second CD, PrimaSounds, it starts with the seventh chakra, A, and goes down to the first chakra, U, in a grounding exercise. On the third CD, Gatekeeper, it goes from the first to the seventh, and then back down again.

The single tones can help you to focus on the different energies, to tune into each. Listen carefully to each tone. Play them loud enough to feel them vibrate in your body. If your equipment can't do this, find a friend whose stereo is good enough to do this. It significantly helps in this stage of energy work. Focusing on the individual tones in this way can be particularly helpful for initial orientation to the energies. It makes it easier to differentiate the existing energies and awaken the weaker ones. Then later the individual tones can be selectively used to work on your weakest energies and bring them all into balance.

You begin to focus on a chakra by putting your attention on the physical location of the chakra sounded. For instance, when the third chakra, Manipura, is playing (the "E" note) focus your attention on your stomach area at the back of your spine. Listen with your stomach, not your ears. Center your feelings in this area of your body. Then sense the void space, the reverse black hole near this part of your body. Let your thinking go blank and focus on your sensations. Notice the amplification effects, how the sound energizes this field. Sense the cosmic energies flowing through this chakra. Imagine it at first if need be. After a while you will have a direct perception of the energies. Its like a sense of touch, only the touch is of an energy, not a solid.

On another occasion, think of the particular consciousness and potential which goes with that layer of energies. The other books in the School of Wisdom series go into more detail on this. For example, with the third chakra, think of Feeling, the impulses and desires, the Subconscious and Dreaming, the vocation of the helper, anxiety relief and recognition. Then most importantly in this and other exercises, let go of the thoughts and anything else and just jump into it, feel the feeling energy.

Play the seven tones through several times in silence trying this methodology. On another occasion when doing this exercise, hum or sing along with each tone as it is played. Notice the beating effect when your voice approaches the same frequency as the tone. When your voice is exactly in tune the beating will stop. Sing louder and louder if you have trouble tuning in. It may take some time and practice to develop this skill, but when you do, notice how the intensity of the experience is heightened, how the air in your lungs, throat and sinuses resonates with the bio-energies and amplifies them even more.

When listening to the music many people find it enjoyable to occasionally sing or chant along, with long sustained tones, very much like the Tibetan monks. Take deep breaths, and slowly sing out the tones that feel right to you. The effects can be quite remarkable. If you are in tune with the tones played, the resonance effects can be significantly increased. You may wish to listen for "beating" and adjust your tone so that it is in tune with one of the fundamental tones then playing. Alternatively, you may wish to balance the tones played in a way that feels right to you by singing a tone not played.

Energy work is not limited to focusing on one chakra at a time. You can also work on groups of chakras - say the bottom four energies, or the top three. Sometimes you may wish to work on all of them at once. When listening to PrimaSounds music, as opposed to the tones at the end of the CD, you will probably notice that all of your energies are stimulated by each piece. You may, however, find that some of the selections stimulate one or more of the chakras more than others. This is no accident! Different energies are deliberately emphasized in some of the works. Still, in all of the pieces, all of the chakras are at least somewhat resonated. That is, all five of the notes are almost always sounding.

I purposely designed the music compositions so that listening would stimulate all of the energy centers. This naturally makes it easier for you to detect your overall energy field - usually called the Aura in the West. The stimulation of the entire field in turn makes it much easier to see an aura, or to touch it, as in Chi Kung. It makes it easier to work on the entire field as a whole.

PrimaSounds can serve to tune the aura somewhat by amplifying the frequencies of the chakras over other frequencies. The heightened resonance effects are present while the music is played, and remain for some time after it stops. You can feel what a stronger, healthier aura is like. The "good vibrations" overpower and screen out the unhealthy, out of tune vibrations, at least for a while. Although the amplification and tuning effects eventually wear off, with practice and insights, the artificial effects can be extended.

By amplifying your energies with PrimaSounds you can more easily tune into the vortex centers of your energy field - the chakras. You can then learn by direct experience which are your strongest and weakest energies. This knowledge will come by observation of your energies from out of the inner silence. It can happen either while listening to PrimaSounds, just after, or at other times during the day when you spontaneously awaken, particularly in crises. It is important to know yourself well enough to know which energies need the most work. Then use your space-time accordingly.

Use PrimaSounds to focus on, and amplify your weaker energies to achieve a balance. All traditions teach that the goal is to balance the chakras and produce an even flow of the energy field. An aura which is out of balance, not evenly distributed, dissonant, or stagnant and blocked in certain areas, is unhealthy and can lead to numerous adverse physical ailments. By activating, tuning and balancing all of your energies you can achieve greater wellness on all levels - physical, psychological and spiritual. Like chemical elements striving to fill the outer shell with 8 electrons, the Soul strives to have all chakras fully and equally activated, all states of consciousness integrated. Don't get frustrated or discouraged if it doesn't happen easily or right away. For most people this takes years of work and mature patience.

Peak and Visionary Experiences

The listening instructions given so far pertain primarily to the first relaxation level and second energization level. There are at least two more levels of listening possible. The third level of Peak Experience, and fourth level of Visionary Experience. The four levels have already been described in the Introduction and Life Tuning chapters.

The third and fourth levels require a much more subtle and individualized training than the first two. Personal contact with a trainer is usually needed. It is difficult, perhaps impossible, to give standardized instructions in a book that will work for everyone. Most people require some assistance and direct human contact to develop a customized listening technique to realize peak and visionary experiences. Hopefully you will have an opportunity to participate in a workshop, or classes with a trained instructor where you can receive this information.

If you do go off into these stages by yourself, be cautious and vigilant. Do not try to go too far too fast. Look for a support group, preferably family and friends you know well and trust. You need a supportive, understanding community to process these types of experiences. Otherwise it can be dangerous. Unfortunately, I must also warn you against charlatans who pretend they know in order to make money. Also, beware of cult groups, or any group where the leaders are eager to tell you what to do and think. Also dangerous are the ego based delusionals. These are people, usually well meaning, who think they know far more than they do, and are quick to offer advice. Look at what they do and see if it matches what they say.

For anyone you meet who assumes a position of guidance or authority in these matters, ask who their teachers are, how they learned the things they claim to know. In my personal opinion, if they answer this question by saying it all just came to them without a teacher, or came from a disembodied being, you should be extra careful and probably just walk away. In my experience most people like that are delusional. Above all, follow your own heart and inner voice.

Only Rule - Protect Your Ears

ear.jpgThese are just suggestions for listening. You may develop your own methods and techniques that work for you. Esoteric Music is new to our Age, there are few rules. Just remember not to overdo it, and avoid the temptation to play the music loud enough to damage your ears. The middle and inner ear are wonderful instruments of energy transmission and conversion. These sensitive instruments of energy detection are fragile and can be damaged by excessive and prolonged volume. Get to know this important part of your body, shown below. Note the beautiful spiral shape of the inner ear cochlea photographed in the lower right and the sound frequencies it picks up. The lowest tones are heard at the core of the spiral, with the highest at the end. Usually when people begin to lose their hearing the higher tones go first. Be careful. Tune into your ears and protect them.

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