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How PrimaSounds Music Is Created

Those who have heard the CDs know that the listening experience is like a sound shower for the soul. The vibrations caress and massage your entire body, lulling your discursive mind. The mind goes blank, and if close attention is paid to the music, "normal ego-centered thinking" is impossible. The ego is balanced by the Self. The right brain awakens and adds to the left brain. A higher awareness grows and unifies all levels and sides of your being. An integrated holistic consciousness results. This is also how PrimaSounds is, or should be, created or performed. The experience of listening is fundamentally the same as the experience of creating.

When you let go, and flow with the music, the PrimaSounds opens your hearing to the Inner Universe, tuning you into your deepest inner Self. The music natural to this scale is chaotic, based on zero, fractals and the Strange Attractor. For this reason its performance is primarily a matter of spontaneous improvisation. PrimaSounds music is not composed or rehearsed, and never repeated. PrimaSounds simply happens. It is a kind of channeling from the Muse.

There are no melodies, rhythms or other forms of order found in all other music, even improvisational jazz. At first it sounds almost completely chaotic, unpredictable. It is hard to tell one song from another. Yet there is a fractal order with a link to the underlying ground of being - the Infinite - which makes the sounds soothing and leaves you serene. That is why you must reach this state of being to play PrimaSounds correctly. Contact with the Infinite, space-time, and the Strange Attractor is essential.

PrimaSounds is meditation music; both in creation and listening. Since its scale is attuned to the primal energies of the soul, the music naturally throws you into the zero dimension, opens you to the healing influences of calm spontaneity. It takes you to the timelessness of space-time - the moment - if you let it. Sometimes the process of creation took me there. Sometimes, due to my own limitations, it did not. Naturally, I did not save the failures! The tracks selected for my CDs represent what I consider to be my successes - the space-times when everything effortlessly fell into place.

The songs were improvised layer by layer, keeping only the successful tracks. Then later each track was edited. I also put my left brain, analytical skills to work. Computers and midi equipment were utilized to edit and record the pieces. Most of the songs on the CDs were created and edited over a span of several years.

Each selection uses from four to twelve channels of electronic sounds. After the initial creative process, hundreds of hours of listening and computer hacking went into the final editing, mixing and recording of these works. The final transfer from computer hard drive to DAT tape was accomplished using digital recording equipment. This means all of the recordings are purely digital. I did this to attain the highest possible recording quality.

PrimaSounds are actually produced by a variety of electronic music synthesizers. These keyboard instruments are actually mini-computers. They are programmed to produce tones which emulate traditional instruments, and entirely new sounds. Using a frequency counter I carefully reprogrammed and tuned each key of the keyboard to the new pentatonic scale. Further, all of the tones heard on my CDs have been originally created in a special process which I call "sound sculpting." No factory pre-sets are ever used.

The first step in the creation of the music is to sculpt the sounds and program them into the keyboard. This is equivalent to creating different types of musical instruments, each tuned to the PrimaSounds scale. Only after new tonal forms are created, and selected, can the spontaneous performance proper begin. The creation of the tone forms in this way can take hundreds of hours. For me these are usually timeless hours of pure bliss that fly by, and provide enormous satisfaction and fulfillment. I find it just as satisfying as the actual performance or playing of the sounds.

I invented this new sound sculpting process over many years, through trial and error and a lot of inspiration. It requires both the special meditative state previously described, and certain technological tools. Once in this state, I began to fashion new tone forms using both visual, aural, and "extra-sensory," or extended-touch, input.

Technology plays a key part in this for me. I use an oscilloscope and frequency counter to extend my own senses. The oscilloscope allows me to actually see what the sounds look like in two dimensions. It provides a visual input which enhances the other senses. I can see what a sound looks like by itself, in chords, or when combined with other tone colors. The frequency counter allows me to measure precisely the frequencies produced by each tone. It also provides numerical guidance to the purity of the tones and their combinations.

But most important of all, I pay attention to the technology of my own body. I sense the tones directly, and the effect they have on my consciousness and my energies. I feel how each tone shape impacts my seven chakras. I also sense their effect on my overall energy field. This "feeling" is a kind of extension of the sense of touch. My whole body becomes a kind of ear.

Sculpting the individual tones, and then playing PrimaSounds music, are both wonderful creative experiences. Although I have been able to share the PrimaSounds listening experience with many, so far I have not been able to share the creative process. It has necessarily been a very personal and private experience. Special equipment and training are required for this new type of technological joy. The equipment required is still relatively expensive and fragile. Very few people have the technology or other facilities. Also, at this new stage of the music, there are not many listeners prepared or interested. Still, some day I hope to also be able to share this creative side of PrimaSounds through hands-on workshops in specially equipped studios. In this way PrimaSounds will begin to flourish as a new art form. The full joy of PrimaSounds will then be open to everyone.

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