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Description of the Life Tuning CD

life.gifThe Life Tuning audio CD is Volume 5 of the School of Wisdom series. You can hear selected excerpts from this CD Online. It begins with a flute performance of the pentatonic scale over three consecutive octaves. This allows you to hear the new scale and gives you time to settle in before the music starts.

The first piece, EAGLE'S GIFT, has clean, precise forms with relatively few tracks. It relies primarily upon synthetic violins and other string sounds to create a familiar but very intense sound. Like all of the other works on the CD, it is meant to be played as loud as your equipment and ears safely permit. None of the songs on the CD have a higher volume than EAGLE'S GIFT, so you can set your volume control to it.

EAGLE'S GIFT will quickly pull you into the mood, into deeper states of awareness. With three peaks, including one at the end, it relies upon low tones and body feelings to forcibly grab and hold your total attention, and strip away your stress and mundane daily thoughts and cares. An altered state is quickly induced as the strong low vibrations couple with the intense violin highs to thrust you into the "Eye of the Eagle." As the title and this description indicates, the work is inspired by the Yaqui Way of Knowledge, as told by Carlos Castenada in his series of books on Don Juan, a Native American sage.

The second piece, SACRED PIPE, lowers the intensity and volume to facilitate deep relaxation. The beginning follows the seven chakras and you may be able to feel them vibrating with resonance up and down your spine. This piece moves away from the traditional sounds to less familiar otherworldly sounds that bear resemblance to the sounds of bells and other percussion instruments. SACRED PIPE continues the Native American theme and is designed to open you to the Great Spirit. The mood and title of this piece were inspired by Wallace Black Elk and his book Black Elk: the Sacred Ways of the Lakotas (Harper 1991).

The third work, PYTHAGORAS, is named after the "Patron Angel" of PrimaSounds, the original founder of the esoteric music tradition in the West. This is the most complicated of my compositions with many tracks and sound layers. Alpha brain wave rhythms are emphasized in this piece to literally lift you up with the strong low tones. Any remaining chatter in your head can be transcended by feeling the powerful throbbing of the vibrations run through your body and by listening ever more closely to the subtle layers of tones and overtones.

Several unique sound forms never before created are used in PYTHAGORAS, so that it can be listened to countless times and still remain fresh. My good friend and colleague, Chip Weston, performed the lead track on this piece and also created the graphics and art work in both the book and CD. By thinking of the Infinite - the inexhaustible Source - you will open up to the powerful alpha brain wave rhythms in a state of deep, yet alert, relaxation. Visions, white light or other indescribable experiences may happen as the peaks of intensity are reached. As an experiment try ending your PrimaSounds session with this piece some time. Then sit in silence for a while afterwards feeling the differences in your awareness, the way your head feels, the previously unnoticed energies inside of you and all around you.

The fourth piece, HALLOWED NAME, allows for a short breather as mellow voices play softly over you. It is inspired by the many esoteric traditions using the human voice as instrument, including the Gregorian and Tibetan. Many layers of vocal tones and sine waves combine to slowly sweep you away. Softly singing with these tones can help dissipate any remaining negative energies.

PRIMA LAB, the fifth work, goes back to the tradition of the flute, with the emphasis on the oriental bamboo flute. But here the flute tones are combined with low sine waves in a simple, yet strong piece with three crescendos. The Feeling tones are emphasized, along with the body energies, and at the end, the Will tones predominate. This work is inspired by the great meditation traditions of the East, which long ago mastered KI (Japanese term for Chi) and the inner universe. PRIMA LAB is also what I call my music studio, where among all of the computer equipment and electronic gadgets, hangs a prized bamboo flute specially crafted to the Chakra scale. Again this is an intense piece which uses the low tones to evoke a peak experience.

The final piece, LETTING GO, allows you to totally relax and just let go of everything. It again features voice shaped tones for a mellow, therapeutic effect.

At the end of the CD the seven tones are played - U A E I O U A - in correspondence with the seven chakras, one through seven. Each tone sounds for two minutes. This allows for an exercise of tuning into the Chakras.

Try the toning exercises sometimes before listening to the music. Use of the repeat and select functions of your CD player allows you to concentrate on the particular tones you should strengthen to bring your energies into balance. At the very end all seven tones are played, and then one by one the top and bottom tones are let go with only the center tone, Willing, remaining at the conclusion. This leaves you centered in your way.

Please Note - these are just samples and do not begin to reproduce the quality and deep bass tones of the Cds. Still, if you listen in a quiet undisturbed space, they should be enough to give you a buzz!

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