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Description of the Gatekeeper CD

gatekeeper.jpgGateKeeper (Volume 7 of the School of Wisdom series) is different from my first two CDs in that all of the pieces were composed to emphasize the vision-producing qualities of the music. You can hear selected excerpts from this CD below. Although my other CDs can also have a vision enhancing effect, GateKeeper is the first one especially designed to emphasize the fourth stage of PrimaSounds listening - Visionary Experience. The other stages of listening - relaxation, energization and mystic unity - can still be evoked with this album, but it is the special ability and gift of this CD to help guide a listener to visionary experiences.

Gate Keeper contains five major compositions, each running ten minutes, designed to lead the listener into ten different visionary experiences or dimensions. The name Gate Keeper was taken from the Shamanic culture of the Dagara tribe located in the heart of West Central Africa. "Gatekeeper" is the title given by the Dagara to the Shaman who open and close the dimensional gates between alternate worlds and realities.

According to Dagara cosmology there are five basic kinds of gates that a Shaman may travel through. In each dimension there are countless different worlds and realities, only some of which have been explored by Man. The Gatekeepers know the five portals well, and know how to open and close the gates for their fellow shaman to enter and explore. This cosmology was made known to R.C.L. through his friendship with Malidoma Somé, shaman and Elder of the Dagara. Shown below is a photo of a GateKeeper known to Malidoma who is a guardian of the Kontomble mountain portal described my Malidoma at the end of his book, Of Water and the Spirit.

In this CD the music itself serves as a kind of gatekeeper, sonically opening and closing the gates into other dimensions. The five main sound-gates on this CD are designed to open a different inner gate which the listener can then choose to enter. Once through, the path branches into two directions, one down and one up.

The first worlds are lower - the microcosm - representing contact with levels of consciousness that are part of our own. Traditionally these are called the underground worlds: (1) Fire, (2) Mineral, (3) Water-Plants, (4) Nature-Animal, and (5) the Earth itself, Gaia. Each gate also has an upward heavenly direction - the macrocosm. These are realities where consciousness which is more evolved and expanded than our own can be found. Traditionally these are called the heavenly worlds: (6) Ancestors, (7) Elementals, (8) Angels, (9) Muses, and (10) the Being in the Universe. All ten worlds go together in a kind of evolutionary "ladder of creation," referred to for instance in the Bible as "Jacob's Ladder."

By intense listening to Gate Keeper you can find these five portals within. You can choose to enter and fly, much like a Shaman in trance. It is like jumping through a hoop into another world. There visions and messages of all kinds can be received. New worlds and dimensions can be explored. This can stimulate creativity, self knowledge, and provide lasting contact with intelligences of all kinds from all over the Universe. This is a kind of sacred blessing, not a pandora's box. So don't worry, the sonic portals are a one way door; only you can pass in and out, and it won't happen against your intentions or desires. If a session gets too intense, you can return to "normal consciousness" at any time fairly easily and quickly.

This is music in the tradition of Orpheus, and listening to the CD is like participating in a sacred ritual. Don't analyze the visions while they are happening. Wait until they are over for that. Sometimes the "visions" will be visual, sometimes auditory or kinetic - they can take many forms. Other times the visions will involve novel cross-linking of the senses, called synesthesia, where for instance you see sounds.

Higher sensory capacities unknown to most people - so called extra-sensory perception - are frequently involved in visionary experiences. You intuit and perceive entities from other dimensions and worlds in entirely new and unusual ways that cannot be described in terms of the five senses. That is why it is sometimes impossible to express these events in words, or to remember them clearly afterwards.

These kind of visions are tied into ritual and community, and naturally involve a sense of awe, a sense of the miraculous and the sacred. It may seem like a trip, a dream, or your own personal movie in your head. Go with it and watch. Remain relaxed and detached. Although there may be a tendency for fear to set in and block these "other-worldly" experiences, if the anxieties are overcome and a relaxed state is maintained, overwhelming love and joy are usually experienced. Again, if it gets too intense or scary, just turn off the music.

Afterwards take time to think and to talk with your friends about your visions. Note how the visions can help you in everyday life. The particular visions that come to you during a listening session come for a purpose, and always have meaning of some kind. With a little help from your friends, counselors and teachers, you can use these other dimensional excursions to tune into your dreams and then make them come true.

Gate Keeper begins by playing the five note scale. Then there are the five sound-gates of ten minutes. The CD concludes by playing the seven individual chakras tones five times, followed by a final, short, relaxing, tone sequence piece called Chakra Play. The five visionary pieces on the CD are purposefully very intense, and require quality equipment - preferably including a sub-woofer - for the full effect.

1st sound-gate: Fire-Ancestors

The first ten minute sound-gate is entitled Fire-Ancestors. The name signifies the two worlds into which the gate opens. The first microcosmic world is Fire. It is tied to the first chakra located at your base of your body and to the heat of the sensual world. Mathematically it is the zero dimension - the point - the infinitely small place holder. It is the spatial equivalent to Nothingness and is experienced as very focused, clear consciousness. In physics it is the photon, the basic quantum unit of light - fire incarnate. Remember, for the photon there is no time. This song helps the listener to find this timeless Nothingness - the pure light of the Void - to travel to the fire within; the heat and billions of photons that make up your body and energy field.

It also opens you to the fire without. Fire is found everywhere in the Universe. You may find it deep down below you in the molten core of the Earth, the fire that keeps our world together. You may find it next to you in a candle. You may find it far out in the Sun, in the fiery photons shining from the Sun which make all life possible. You can also reach out to Fire in the near infinite multitude of stars in the Universe. Their light shines down upon you at all times, but can be seen only after sunset when the fire from our star is darkened by the Earth's shadow. All of us are in constant communion with the rest of the Universe through natural energy exchanges, through light, but most of the time this communion is unconscious.

All of the light photons that now exist were created with the origin of the Universe. All were present at the Big Bang itself. Their story is the story of the origin, it is the oldest story, the purest. By connecting with Fire we can connect with the primal origin of all that is. The worlds of Fire can also be a source of tremendous sensuality, pleasure and intensity. You can literally set your Soul on Fire!

The higher harmonic to this sound-gate is the world of the Ancestors. That is the macro-cosmic overtone to Fire. It focuses on the sixth chakra at the eye level, the energy of the Soul. Here the higher entities most closely connected with the Earth are found. This includes the personal ancestors of the listeners, departed relatives and friends. More importantly, it also includes any and all Ancestors who are in some way connected with the listener, and their meaning in life, whether known or not. This connects you to the great culture-heros of the past. It can literally bring history alive and give you a new sense of participation in a chain of being - the connectivity of history. This higher level can be a tremendous source of guidance and teaching.

Fire-Ancestors can be listened to in many ways: sometimes just to reach Fire; sometimes to reach Fire and then Ancestors. Other times it can be used just to enter the world of the Ancestors. These two worlds - Fire and Ancestors - are different. But they are also related; each giving power to the other, each having a kind of side door to the other. This is true for all five of the sound/portals.

2nd sound-gate: Mineral-Elementals

The second sound-gate is called Mineral-Elementals, again reflecting the two directions of this gate. Below is the mineral world, the molecular level. The molecular sounds of this world are wave like, they reflect cycles upon cycles. They also reflect a kind of cosmic journey. At the beginning of this piece you will hear these sounds. They are also embedded subliminally throughout, where they ebb and flow like the tides.

These are the sounds of the first dimension. Mathematically this is the dimension of the line. It is composed of an infinite number of points. This dimension is connected to the second chakra and thinking energies. This is the world of stones and minerals. Here you will find the crystalline alignment of ordered molecules. Inside you are many minerals, including the key DNA crystals - the molecular spiraling lines which contain the coded blue-prints for who you are as a physical person. Outside are the countless minerals all around you: the stones, mountains, gems and crystals.

The molecules have their own cosmic stories to tell. All atoms which make up molecules, except for hydrogen which was formed in the Big Bang itself, were formed billions of years ago in the super-nova explosions of stars. Such supernova explosions have already occurred in billions of stars in our own Galaxy. We may even have some molecules from the trillions of super-nova explosions of stars in nearby Galaxies. These atoms and molecules traveled through space for eons and slowly combined to be part of this Earth.

By exploring these microcosmic worlds you can tap into this past, and at the same time, come to understand relationships. These worlds help us to attain clarity and color, just as the crystal is perfect and clear, and releases the colors of the rainbow. The entities found in these microcosmic worlds - the Stone People, as the Native Americans call them - can help us to clarity. We can find and affirm that within us which is real - in accord with our DNA. By the same process they can also help us to let go of all that is false, the countless beliefs and personalities that were foisted upon us, or thoughtlessly assumed by us. We can learn to come into alignment with our essence, like a crystal does, with it's perfect one dimensional rows.

The higher harmonic of this sound-gate is the world of the Elementals. It focuses on the seventh chakra at the top of the head, the energy of the Spirit. An example of beings from this higher dimension are what the Dagara people call the Kontomble. [See Malidoma Some's book Of Water and the Spirit (1994)]. In Europe these kinds of magical beings are described in myth as trolls, fairies, dwarves and elves. Cultures all over the world contain reports of encounters with such strange and powerful beings. In today's technological culture we might see them as aliens.

All of these "higher beings" appear to be able to project themselves, almost like a hologram, and assume a variety of shapes and sizes. What you see seems to have a lot to do with what you expect, and how you are able to make sense of something way beyond your normal experience. They are called Elementals because they appear to have forms related to the four elements: fire, water, air and earth. For instance, they may appear to be in the air, like a UFO, or in the ground, a cave for instance, like the Kontomble.

Whatever you call them, or however they appear, they are highly evolved, and can be very helpful if they take an interest in you. Typically you can recognize them by the feeling of enormous strength and power they project. The usual reaction at first to this type of vision is extreme fear. They are not in your vision to harm you. Like you, they are travelers from other worlds and may be curious about you. Still, they won't have much to do with you until you settle down, overcome your fears and relax. In the Native American tradition, encounters with beings such as this, alone and outdoors, are the ultimate test of a warrior's courage. Indoors, in this more controlled environment, it should not be quite as difficult, but may still scare you from time to time.

Again, Mineral-Elementals can also be listened to in many ways: sometimes just to reach the Mineral world; sometimes to reach Mineral and then Elementals. Other times it can be used just to enter the world of the Elementals. These two worlds - Mineral and Elementals - are different, but also related as octave harmonics of each other.

3rd sound-gate: Water/Angels

The third sound-gate is called Water-Angels, again reflecting the two directions of this gate. Below is the water world; the two dimensional plane, level of plant life. The tree-like sounds of this world have a quality of flowing water, with wave upon wave. It is a kind of slow and steady growth in repeating cycles. These are the sounds of the second dimension. Mathematically this is the dimension of the plane, composed of an infinite number of lines. This dimension is connected to the third chakra and feeling energies. This dimension increases in size from the molecular level of the mineral world, to the cellular level. In plants you find horizontal symmetry on all sides, with differentiation only occurring vertically, on the top and bottom. For instance all sides of a tree are basically the same, but the crown and the roots are different.

At the beginning of this piece you will hear fast moving, water-like sounds. They are embedded throughout, and ebb and flow like the tides. It is the peaceful sound of reconciliation, of the trust and innocence of Trees. Externally this is the world of water, plants and trees. Inside you this is blood flow, bodily liquids, and individual cells. Although you seem solid enough, in actuality most of your body is made of Water. Outside it is the bodies of water all around you, the oceans, lakes and rivers, and the trees and other plant life.

The higher harmonic to this sound-gate is the world of the Angels or Cosmic Messengers. Beings at this level are even larger, more inclusive, intelligent and evolved than the Elementals. They seem remote, yet when approached, have an extremly loving quality. They are personal and deeply intimate. If you can make contact, they carry messages about you and for you. Again, there are inherent connections between the Angels and the Trees.

4th sound-gate: Nature/Muses

The fourth sound-gate is called Nature-Muses, reflecting the two directions of this gate. Below is the world of Nature, the three dimensional, solid level of animal life. Here an animal guide will find you. The same animal may come session after session, or a different animal may choose you each time. Be open to whatever type of animal comes your way. They bring lessons of all kinds, and teach about the animal nature that is part of all of us. This is the mischievous wisdom of Nature - the "Wild" within you and without.

The higher harmonic to this sound-gate is the world of the Muses - divine inspiration. Beings at this high level - called Muses in the West - are pure creativity. When we are able to tune into their high harmonic we find a virtual cornucopia of creative inspiration. Visions in this upper dimension require your creative side to be open. The results of communion are inexhaustible inspiration. It is the secret of all great artists. Again, Nature and the Muse have a special link. They share the same doorway and harmonics.

5th sound-gate: Earth/Being in the Universe

The next sound-gate is called Earth-Being in the Universe, again reflecting the two directions of this gate. A less than full quality sample of this entire composition can be heard online to get an idea of what this CD is like.

Below is the world of Earth, the fourth dimensional space/time level of humanity as a whole. Here you can link up with Gaia - the spirit of the Earth and of our species - and with all consciousness on this planet. A kind of communion with all living beings on this planet can be felt. You start to understand the Earth as a living entity unto itself, with yourself as a part of this larger whole. You have your own special role to play. Let the visions show you why you were born. Why do you live on this planet at this time in history? What is your purpose and meaning? How can you serve the Earth and fulfill your potential destiny? Here lessons of community and friendship can come through.

The higher octave is the highest level of intelligence accessible to us. This highest Universal level of intelligence is often mistaken for God, but is not. They are finite beings, but the scope of their finite existence is beyond our comprehension, and seems infinite from our perspective. There are many names for this highest of beings found around the world. Rather than pick any one, we simply use the generic designation - Being in the Universe.

From our perspective they are all knowing, and can reveal deep truths about our self. Only our highest self can make contact with them. For that reason, unless you are very highly evolved, it is frequently hard to remember what is transmitted by them. Usually they appear to us as godlike beings, appearing like an old and very wise man or woman. Again, the wise Friend and the Earth are directly related.

Individual Chakra Tones

The CD ends with about ten minutes of the seven individual chakra tones. It starts with the first chakra and then goes up to the seventh. It repeats this sequence five times, going a little slower each time. This is designed to enhance individual chakra concentration and energy work. The last sequence starts from the seventh chakra and works down to the first. This leaves you grounded.

When listening to the individual chakra tones focus your attention on the energy centers and the corresponding places on the body. Sing or hum along to increase the effects. This is an excellent method to localize the bio-energy focal points, or "Chakras," and thereby sharpen attentiveness and balance energies. At the very end a short tone-play-song - Chakra Play - will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

For some people visions come quickly and easily. For others it is quite difficult, and takes sustained effort over years. Still others have visions easily enough, but they are garbled, and make no sense. If you have difficulty at first opening to visions, do the chakra exercises before listening to the song-gates. That can also help with clarity.

Also, be careful, when you have Visions, but have not yet had Peak Experiences; all kinds of problems can develop. When you jump into the Visionary stage with first having an experience of total communion, the visions are frequently superficial or confusing. The waking visions may then be more like typical dreams. There is more of an art to visionary work with PrimaSounds than many people expect. Workshops may later be offered to provide personal instruction on this and other areas of PrimaSounds.

Please Note - these are just samples and do not begin to reproduce the quality and deep bass tones of the Cds. Still, if you listen in a quiet undisturbed space, they should be enough to give you a buzz!

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