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Description of PrimaSounds CD

prima.gifMy second CD, PrimaSounds, is volume 6 of the School of Wisdom series. It has fifty minutes of original music, followed by ten minutes of the seven individual chakras tones. You can hear selected excerpts from this CD Online.

The first piece, ENERGIZE, was designed to begin the listening session with an eight minute charge of high energy. It is an intense piece designed to create a wall of sound, emphasizing powerful bass tones, which grabs your attention and blows your tensions away. Focus on your sensations, on the energy of the sound vibrations. Not only hear the sounds, but sense the vibes on your skin, in your bones, your stomach and chest - all over and in your body. Play this loud enough to chatter your teeth (but not damage your ears or your speakers) and you'll be blasted deep into inner space.

The next stage is RELAX, a six minute composition designed to allow your remaining tension to melt away. Smile and move the focus of your attention from sensations, which is the way to listen to Energize, into your feelings. RELAX is designed to be listened to by feeling your body, not sensing it. Let go and relax. The good vibrations will carry you to a place of feeling wholeness. Your head will open and your entire body will feel good, relaxed, refreshed.

The next piece is INNER QUIET. It is designed to help you stop talking to yourself; a task which is easier said than done! In this six and a half minute journey it's time to let go of the remaining chatter in your head. Let yourself live life directly without the inner dialogue which creates walls between you and reality, between you and the music. Thinking is important, but not now.

You should do the thinking, don't let the thinking do you! Learn when to turn it off. Let yourself stop the inner talking; let yourself be quiet and do nothing at all. When you stop thinking and get quiet, your listening becomes more intense. Your sensations and feelings intensify and your attention expands.

The next piece is AWARENESS. This completes the journey from out of the prison of fragmented, left brain ego consciousness. In this eight minute plus work you can jump from consciousness into AWARENESS, into the whole self, the integrated brain and body. Here the Strange Attractor brings it all together into a higher order, the fractal unity of the ten dimensions. This piece was inspired by the sounds of Tibet. The gongs play from the first chakra to the seventh, and at the end from the seventh to the first. Enjoy!

The fifth piece is REBIRTH. This nine minute plus composition creates the sound imagery of everyone's first experience on Earth, their home in the womb, and their intense expulsion into the outer world at birth. Remember your origins, your face before you were born. Confront the pain of your birth. Come to terms with your life. You were born for a special reason. Life has meaning and significance. Death is not the enemy. Ignorance of your task in life, your meaning, and fear to live your life, to be the real you and fulfill your potential - these are the real enemies.

This composition is a journey into psychological intensity. Let the sounds help the real you be reborn. The music can help you tap the inner courage needed to find yourself, to create your meaning, to grow and be. The wisdom of the body and of your mother Earth will guide you.

The sixth work is ORPHEUS. It is a five minute journey into the underworld, the depths of the psyche. This piece is inspired by the Greek myth of Orpheus, the magical musician who went to the underworld to bring his dead wife back to life. He charmed the Gods of Hades with his music and they allowed him to take his wife back to the surface, back to life, but only if he did not look back during the ascent to be sure she was following him. Almost at the surface, Orpheus looked back and his beloved was lost.

In my version, you the listener become Orpheus journeying into the depths of your unconscious to find your lost self, your missing other half - in Jungian terms, the Anima or Animus. You journey into hell and back, but this time the journey is a success! You trust and don't look back. You re-integrate your beloved into your consciousness. You find wholeness and health. This is a visual tone poem of some melancholy, deep feelings and longings, which evokes strange and haunting qualities that stir the soul.

The seventh composition is FOURTH DIMENSION WHEEL. This seven minute piece attempts to express in sound the central concept of the philosopher's stone. This is the central unifying idea which is said to underlie all knowledge, all religions and mystic traditions of the world. Called The Wheel by the School of Wisdom, it is shown in two dimensions on the cover of the CD in the center of the Mandelbrot figure. The books Chance and Choice and Laws of Wisdom reveal more.

This piece attempts to portray The Wheel in the fourth dimension, to evoke the movement of The Wheel in time. It uses spinning aural forms going in one direction in the first part of the piece, and in the other direction, but much stronger, in the second half. Imagine a vortex of energy spinning around you, up and down, or back and forth, as you listen to the sounds. As an experiment sometime, stand up and spin (carefully), Sufi style, while you listen. The effects are amazing!

The CD ends with about ten minutes of the individual tones. It starts with the seventh chakra, at the top of the head, the high tone in this sequence. Then works down from the seventh, to the sixth, the fifth, fourth, third, second and first. Each tone sounds for a minute and a half. At the end all seven of the sounds are added together, and then let go, till at the end only the middle, fourth tone, remains.

Focus your attention on the individual energy centers (chakras) when each tone is played. Sing or hum along with the tones to increase the effect. This is an excellent method to localize the bioenergy focal points, or "Chakras," and thereby sharpen attentiveness and equalize energies. Another good experiment is to try doing this first on occasions, before you listen to the music.

Please Note - these are just samples and do not begin to reproduce the quality and deep bass tones of the Cds. Still, if you listen in a quiet undisturbed space, they should be enough to give you a buzz!

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